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Content is King Just a hint of our daily drivel

Should You or Shouldn’t You Use Facebook Ad Manager To Distribute Content?

Whether you’re a novice marketer or have been doing this for your whole career, the basic principles of promoting and growing your business remain the same – you have to create the right message for the right people at the right time. If you can’t do that, you may as well be throwing your ad dollars out the window.

So, in a world of hyper social activity, short attention spans and even more ad clutter filling our screens, how is this even possible?

Enter Facebook Ad Manager.

Facebook can make it incredibly easy to target relevant content to the right audience and give you valuable reporting data, too. But before you go all in, let us help you break a few things down:

  • Cost –Facebook Ads can be very cost-effective. You are 100% in control of your budget, and you can run an effective ad campaign for less than you what you spend on your daily cup of joe.
  • Content –the number one thing you can do to ensure success with your Facebook ads is create relevant and engaging content that stops scrollers in their tracks. Even better, it should make them want to take action (e.g., learn more, take a quiz, buy your product, etc.).
  • Promotion –For the biggest bang for your buck, you have to be smart with what you choose to promote. Otherwise, what’s the point? Boosting your most popular content will put your best assets in front of the right audience.
  • Retargeting –If someone engages with your content, the best thing you can do to reward their interaction is serve them up additional content that provides even more information on the same or similar topic. With Facebook Ad Manager, you set the parameters for retargeting and then get ready to watch the leads roll in.

Bottom line: If done right, Facebook ads can be an effective tool in your marketing arsenal. If done poorly, well, we already talked about that…

When you’re ready to take the plunge into Facebook ads, give us a call. This stuff is right in our sweet spot.

WWRRN (What We’re Reading Right Now)

I don’t know about you, but we am absolutely craving interesting content that teaches us something. All of us here at The Found Gen are. Our in-office Slack Channel is a running list of “Have you read this?” and “Are you following her?” It’s pretty great.

You must be trying to find the good stuff, too. We thought we’d share what we’re reading right now, and hope you share your picks right back at us.

Instagram Stories are a perfect diversion from our super political, highly charged Twitter feed. They’re the perfect length in between clients and to reignite our inspiration levels. Here are a few we enjoy.

One of our writers is obsessed with Busy Philipps’ stream of consciousness feed. She takes us with her to a sweaty LA exercise class, gives us music recs, and cries every time she’s at a restaurant. Her success – over a million followers, a book deal, and her very own late-night talk show coming soon – shows us that a lot of people gravitate to authenticity and a particular way of speaking. We take that trend to heart when we write for you.

Our operations manager could watch farm-based stories all day, from @modfarm to @fivemarysfarms. For her, it’s the never-ending workload, strong work ethic, and dedication to growing things even when the growing gets tough. It’s the same with content creation and brand-building, minus the hay.

Another writer aspires to be healthier. You know the deal: matcha, seed cycling, digital detoxing, yoga pants all day. Don’t tell her we told you about the Diet Coke on her desk, the Twizzlers in her top drawer, and the fact that we just heard her cancel her spin class reservation. She can be found watching @leefromamerica and @honestlyfit, reminding us to always include the aspirational element in our work. In order to want to buy from you, your customers should also kind of want to be you.

And then there’s @drawbertson, a creative director at Estee Lauder, bright artist and brilliant Instagrammer. He has five kids and he is as real and as fabulous as they come. One of his most addictive hashtags is kid-related – #buythemnothing – and shows how his five-year old twins find creative ways to navigate the world minus the plastic toys and screen time. Simplify, his stream seems to scream in bold colors. Simplify.

There you have it. Content that makes us better. We’d like to do the same for yours. Give us a call.

Facebook, Hackers and Your Data: What You Need to Know

The fragility and accessibility of our digital lives has been a concern ever since the inception of Facebook more than a decade ago – and even earlier than that on other web platforms, but privacy and data concerns have only seemed to escalate in recent years. Specifically, news of the Cambridge Analytica data breach in March 2018 put many social users on digital lockdown.

As you explore all the ways in which your life, Facebook (and other social channels), and your digital footprint intersect, it’s helpful to take a good look at what data is actually out there, what you need to know going forward to prevent hackers from getting into your account, and how to minimize any damage in the event of another breach.

What to know about your data
Facebook allows you to download your data from your account via Account Settings or the Download Your Information tool. While reviewing all of your data can be interesting in and of itself, the important take-away here is to learn what you want to delete from your history.


Once you’ve decided what you want to get rid of, you can start deleting those contacts, messages, old activity, etc. by clicking around in the settings area. Tip: it’s easiest to do this from a desktop computer.

How to prevent future hacks attacks

Knowing you’re susceptible to a hack is the first step in taking control of your data, but how do you go about more securely locking down your digital life? Being proactive is the answer. This article in Wired provides some useful tips for preventing a hack. Namely, take advantage of your device lockscreen and set up two-factor authentication on any all accounts that offer it, of which Facebook and Twitter both do.

Another tip – self-censor. While it can be fun to share all the exciting tid-bits of your life, do you really want the whole world knowing about it? Just something to keep in mind…

So, off with you now. Go secure your digital world.

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