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Why Cause Marketing is What the World Needs Right Now

We know that the news cycle is cyclical, but it sure feels like we are currently experiencing one of the worst times our own country has gone through. Political divisiveness is usually tempered once an election is over, but it only seems to have picked up speed since our last one. And crises abound, in our own country and abroad. And, while cause marketing isn’t new, per se, it sure feels like this is exactly what our world needs right now.

You might be surprised to hear that cause marketing got its start in the early 1980s, as it really feels like it’s just begun. Back then, American Express partnered with a nonprofit group that was raising money to restore the Statue of Liberty. For every purchase on one of their cards, the company donated to the cause, with additional donations made for new customers. An ad campaign was launched to promote it. In the end, $1.7 million was made, and AmEx card use rose 27 percent.

See, that’s the thing about cause marketing. When you first hear about it, the skeptic within will just think the company is doing it for the publicity. But it’s the epitome of a win/win scenario if there ever were one.

Some of the most well known examples of it today are the Red campaign for HIV/Aids prevention, the Susan G. Komen Race for the Cure, and Purchase Plus. You’ve surely donated using the latter program without even realizing it. Also called “point of purchase”, this is when you can add a donation to your bill when checking out at grocery stores. While most of us can probably admit we’ve been annoyed at this on days when our bank accounts already felt a little light, it’s hard to deny the benefits. These “checkout for charity” campaigns reportedly raised more than $388 million in 2014 and $3.88 billion over the last three decades. That’s nothing to sneeze at, that’s for sure. That’s when you realize the power of the “If everyone just gave one dollar” mentality. When the snowball rolling down hill is a good one, there’s nothing better than the avalanche that happens because of it. We are but one person but, together, we can move mountains. And, hey, you can insert whatever inspirational phrase you want here, but there’s no denying that the results from these efforts are pretty dang cool.

You know who’s paying attention to this movement more than anyone else? Millennials. And you just rolled your eyes, didn’t you? Just the term conjures up images of entitled brats who would rather play video games than work, when the truth is that this generation is anything but lazy. And here’s another thing about them—they work for more than just a paycheck. Cause marketing is a huge thing for them, and they will go out of their way to pay more for—say, a pair of Toms—knowing that this organization donates a new pair to a child in need for every purchase.

It means so much to them that they will consider whether a company that wants to hire them has a cause marketing program. As Ad Week’s Christie Barakat notes in this article:

“Millennials consider themselves civic-minded and active participants in today’s world, and that it’s up to them to assume the responsibility of making a lasting, positive impact on the future. Millennials have surpassed simply wanting help in supporting causes and are starting to demand that others, especially companies, do their part.”

If you’re a company that hasn’t delved into this yet, it’s seriously something to consider. But don’t do it for show, as the authenticity of the cause marketing program is what will ensure its success. And people (especially millennnials!) will see right through it if you’re just going through the motions. So find something that you are truly passionate about. Reach out to a reputable nonprofit that you know is already doing good work for said cause. And just go for it.

With the news and current events enough to send us down the rabbit hole never to emerge again, cause marketing could be just the answer to what the world needs right about now.

Get Organized: How a Content Calendar Can be a Lifesaver

How many times have you found yourself scrambling to come up with a topic for a blog post that needs to be posted in a couple of hours? It happens to all of us probably more times than we care to admit.

Producing a steady stream of valuable content is one of the best inbound marketing tactics businesses can use. But, ideas (and content) don’t happen overnight. Creating good quality content can be a tough and exhausting job.

As a content marketer, a content calendar can help save you time and energy—and, get you organized. Here’s how:

It acts as a vault for your brainstorming/ideas.

After you’ve chosen a calendar template that works for you, you can begin filling it with important dates throughout the year. Different holidays, industry events, campaigns, launches of new product/services, annual promotions, and busiest/slowest periods of the year are all important to keep in mind as a content marketer.

By brainstorming important content ahead of time, you’ll never have to scramble to find something valuable to write about again.

You’ll publish and promote content on time.

 After you’ve brainstormed all of the important content in your calendar, publishing dates for all of the content need to be scheduled in as well. And, don’t forget to include any supporting activities that promote each piece of content. For example, if you’re promoting each blog post by posting a link on social media, include that in the calendar, too. Promotional activities are extremely important and deserve the same level of attention as the content they’re pushing.

You can schedule months in advance. 

The more content you add to your calendar, the more likely you are to have a steady flow of relevant pieces that can be produced and published quickly. To avoid scrambling at the last minute, schedule at least one month in advance. But remember, flexibility is important when it comes to creating content, as well. If unexpected opportunities pop up, you don’t want to overlook them simply because you already have content planned. The great thing about a content calendar is that you can always go back later for an idea you don’t use right away. 

Creating a content calendar isn’t difficult, but it does a little time, effort and brainstorming. However, all of the effort you put into it will be rewarded when you’re able to consistently produce valuable content. Need some help with your content? Let’s talk.

Which Types of Content Can Be Upcycled into a Lead-Generating eBook?

Content marketing isn’t all about social media and blogging. Great content can come in a variety of forms. eBooks, in fact, can be incredibly valuable for your clients. They allow you to showcase your authority on a subject in more depth than regular blog and are great for generating leads. So, eBooks should play a major role in your content marketing strategy.

The only downside to eBooks? They take a lot of work to create. But, what if you could repurpose your existing content and turn it into an eBook in less time? Well, you can.

Every content marketer is sitting on valuable content that’s already been produced and can be repurposed. Take that content, dust it off, and turn it into an impressive eBook. Here are some types of content that can easily be turned into an eBook:

Blog posts and articles

This one’s sort of obvious, but so many content marketers don’t take advantage of their old blog posts and articles. There’s a super high chance that you have a blog full of articles on similar topics. These can be packaged into a useful guide or eBook for your audience.

Surveys, research, and reports

Data can help you sell your business to potential new customers. Anything that contains data is a goldmine for an eBook. Whether it’s research on your products, customer surveys, or annual reports, you’ll want to share it with your audience.


Presentations go hand in hand with authority and expertise, and they’re meant to communicate a subject thoroughly to an audience. Don’t let valuable communication pieces like presentations go to waste. Presentations are usually super easy to turn into eBooks because they tend to follow an informative narrative and feature engaging data.

Niche content

Some subjects may be too broad for eBooks, but niche subjects (and existing content) are perfect for eBooks. Maybe you have reports, fact sheets, graphics or more—these items make great eBooks.

Promote your new eBook  

If you’re looking for a way to reuse your original article or blog post, use it to promote your eBook! Give the original piece new life by sharing it on social media again to let your audience know you’re working on new content for them.

There are always new opportunities to make the most of your content. Need help with your content? Let’s talk about how we can tell your story!

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