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We recognize & believe in the new demand for content excellence that permeates the economy. Every business needs to establish a connection with their clients. We create and share our clients' stories to do just that.

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With exceptionally talented writers and marketers, our team works diligently to capture your brand’s voice and enhance it through innovative, concise and unique content that delivers unparalleled results.

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Our talent lies in uncovering and sharing your expertise with your audience. We specialize in researching and capturing not only your industry and your brand, but your individual message.



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We work hard, day in and day out, to ensure you consistently receive top-quality content and customer service. We believe in our clients and take pride in delivering the absolute best – at all times.

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Our dedicated team gets to work early, stays late, guzzles coffee, edits the OED and cavorts with the marketing gods to ensure your brand gets the recognition it deserves. To us, writing is more than a gig. It's an art form, a passion, a true calling. We love what we do - and because of that - we're able to craft content that tells a story (your story) and leaves a big impact.

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Content is King Just a hint of our daily drivel

So, You Don’t Think You Need a Blog? Here’s Why You’re Wrong

Blogging isn’t a new concept, but the vast majority of businesses still don’t have a blog.

Blogging is an effective and inexpensive way to enhance your marketing efforts, drive traffic to your site, and attract the right customers. Blogging gives you complete control. As a business, you can brand yourself however you choose through your blog, and tell your story how you want to tell it.

Studies have shown that blogging is the No. 1 way to generate leads and online sales for businesses. Still think you don’t need a blog? Here are a few more ways blogging can be a game changer for your business:

Bypass (some of) the algorithms

Businesses that don’t have a blog are giving social media platforms too much control over how their message is distributed. Of course, a social media presence is an important part of marketing, but relying solely on social media can often prevent businesses from controlling the way they deliver the message to their target audience. It’s all in the hands of that social media network’s algorithm.

Connect with your audiences

Social media messages are great, but they’re almost meaningless if they don’t bring your audience to longer articles and blog posts full of relevant, informative content. Without substantial information to back up your social media posts, audiences aren’t going to get the details they need to make a purchase or service decision.

In return, you have the opportunity to develop relationships with potential and existing customers. By allowing comments and asking your readers questions at the end of posts, you can start some great conversations. Remember to review and respond to all of your reader’s comments, which will help build trust with your customers. 

Boost your SEO

Search engine optimization can be a scary word for a lot of businesses. It’s hard to keep up with all of the different rules of SEO. But, one thing search engines love is fresh, new content. Blogging is a great way to provide frequent SEO-approved content. If you consistently add new blog posts, Google and other search engines will recognize important keywords and increase your visibility on search engine results pages.

Establish your company as an industry leader

Providing valuable, expert content on your blog gives you to have an influence in your industry. Eventually, you could become the go-to resource for help and informative content. Gaining credibility with other companies in your industry is especially important, and blogging is a simple first step to becoming an industry leader.

Let people get to know your brand

 Blogging gives you the ability to show a personal side of your company that potential and existing customers can’t see through any other marketing campaign. You can let the corporate standards, vision, and personality of the business show through in each blog post.

If you want more business, it’s clear that blogging increases your customer base. Posting blogs that offer understandable, reliable information is the first step to content marketing. If you want to start blogging but have no idea how, give us a call. At the Found Gen, we know the difference great content can make.

How to Tell Your Brand’s Story… So that none of your customers fall asleep

You’ve been there from day one. From that cocktail napkin inked with your ideas to the first few pitch meetings until right where you are this very minute.

Your brand is your baby. And whoa, do we love bragging on and on about our babies, on and on and on until our audience base rolls their eyes or, worse, loses interest altogether.

At The Found Gen, we’re very good at telling stories about babies. Errrr, brands.

Like the one about these bohemian, ultra-romantic treehouses tucked deep in the Jamaican Riviera, a getaway surrounded by waterfalls at the ready for your “me Tarzan, you Jane” moment, a remote idyll where you can touch the stars and kiss the sun…oh, and there’s rum. Lots of rum.

Yeah, that’s a really good story.

But you don’t need Tarzan or rum to tell a brilliant story. (They don’t hurt, though, so whenever possible, you should use either. Or both.)

Here’s what you do need:

  • An unforgettable hook. Think of it as an elevator pitch that’s had a few cocktails. It’s maybe one tiny, endearing fact about your brand from way back when, buried under all the new team members and paperwork and technology and day to day operations. We can help you remember.
  • Less how, more why. There may be a lot of yous in your specific industry, whether you’re an interior designer, a personal trainer, or a tech wizard. Set your brand apart by forgoing the details of how you work and emphasizing why you work instead. It can be very powerful and set you apart from the pack.
  • Your story can be the best story in the world, but that doesn’t matter one bit if your audience isn’t interested in the story. Tell them why, specifically, it matters to each of them. Make it relevant. Make sure they can’t turn away. Your goal is to keep them hanging on every last word.

And when all else fails, you’re more than welcome to use that whole Tarzan angle. It gets them every time.

For more tips on how to best tell your story, give us a call.

How Content Can Help You Attract Top Talent: Content helps your business grow in many ways

We know content marketing is great for attracting new customers and even for keeping your current customers interested, but can it also help you attract prospective employees?

Hiring new employees that have the right skills and match your company culture is a serious challenge, especially for small businesses. Content can actually help you attract higher quality employees and applicants. Of course, you’ll still have to place ads and schedule interviews, but content marketing can make all of this a lot easier.

So, how does content marketing help improve the quality of your applicants while also keeping the interest of the great employees you already have?

Shift your content strategy

Sometimes your content strategy needs to shift in order to attract qualified employees. Maybe you’ve been devoting your time creating content for existing customers. Now, you’ll need to focus the content toward potential hires. For example, think of ways to elaborate on the “About us” section on your website. Photos and even videos of your company office, your employees at work, and company events are great ways to give potential employees a personal look at what it might be like to work for you.

Higher quality employees are also want to know as much about your company as they can. A short explanation of what your company does isn’t enough. Passionate employees want to know that the company they’re trying to work for does good work. Consider making individual profiles for each member of your team to showcase your current employees. Enthusiastic workers attract other enthusiastic workers, so allowing your employees to share their knowledge with prospective employees is a great way to build your talent pool.

Publish outside your usual routine

If you’re trying to pull from a larger pool of higher quality employees, you’ll need to search for them. To broaden your content’s reach, you’ll need to publish beyond your blog, website, or social media channels. Try to publish some of your content to a major publication’s site or guest post on a few industry blogs and publications. It’s also a good idea to have your existing employees share your content on their own personal social media pages. This goes along with the idea that enthusiastic and high-quality employees attract more high-quality employees.

Partner with different departments

Creating new content is an exciting, albeit difficult, process. It takes a lot of time to create valuable, relatable content. All of this hard work shouldn’t just stop with your content marketing team. Human Resources has valuable experience in the hiring process, so they’ll probably have a lot of ideas about how your company should represent itself to prospective employees. Public Relations is a great department to include as well. They have valuable connections and insights that will help you share your content with the right people in the right way. It’s also a good idea to include the supervisors over your different departments. If they know you’re trying to develop a content marketing strategy, they may have some ideas on where to guest post or what kind of content to post.

Creating good, informative content takes consistent effort. It’s not an easy project, but it’s definitely worth it. If you’re wanting to start content marketing for your company but don’t know where to start, give us a call. At the Found Gen, we know how content can help your business’s hiring process.

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