10 Things Businesses Should Stop Doing on Facebook

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Facebook business pages and personal pages are not created equal. Sounds obvious, right? Well, many business owners struggle to embrace a solid business strategy for Facebook and resort to their personal-page tactics.

Facebook is a legitimate marketing tool for businesses. But, you can still have fun with it, as you do with your personal page. However, there are things that businesses should not do on Facebook. If you’re doing any of these 10 things, stop it now.

1. Not Branding Your Page

Facebook helps you promote your brand, but you have to brand your Facebook page. That means completing all of your profile information, using brand colors, adding amazing profile and header photos that show people what you do, including a logo, and establishing a voice. And, always keep this information up to date.

2. Publishing Posts That Are Long and Boring

Facebook posts should be short and sweet—and engaging. No one wants to read long-winded, rambling posts. The shorter the post, the more likely it is to get read. Try to include a photo whenever possible as an extra attention grabber.

3. Posting Too Often (or Not Enough)

How often to post on Facebook is tricky to figure out. You don’t want to be the annoying one who posts constantly, but a neglected page may be worse. You always want to stay on your followers’ radar, but not post so much that they hide or unfollow you. To find the sweet spot in posting frequency, examine your page’s Insights.

4. Shunning Hashtags

Hashtags are not just for Twitter. Using them on Facebook is just as important as a way to get discovered when people search for certain hashtags. However, don’t go overboard with the hashtags. Often using two per post is enough.

5. Liking Your Own Posts

Liking your own posts (using the same persona where it’s posted) is just kind of sad. It’s obvious that you like the post, or you wouldn’t have posted it. What is OK to do is to share the business-page post on your personal page, or maybe even like it from your personal account.

6. Ignoring Followers

Never, ever ignore your followers, whether they post comments, share photos, send messages, or write reviews. Facebook is all about engagement. Foster relationships with followers (who are also most likely your customers) by responding to their requests.

7. Not Using Facebook Apps

Facebook offers a slew of apps that can enhance your page. These include email list sign-up forms, e-commerce storefronts, quizzes and surveys, contests, coupons, appointment scheduling, and more.

8. Posting Inappropriate Content

At all costs, avoid posting anything inappropriate. Topics to avoid include religion, politics, competitors, or other controversial issues. What you post on your personal page is usually not appropriate to also post on your business page.

9. Calling Out Customers

When interacting with customers on Facebook, always maintain an appropriate demeanor. Never be snarky, rude, or call them out for any reason. Remember, the customer is always right—even though you know that’s probably not true, pretend that it is. Of course, you don’t want to lose any customers.

10. Keeping People from Posting on Your Page

You customers want to interact with you on Facebook, so let them. That’s kind of the point of social media. Be sure to allow customers to comment on posts, write reviews, and share photos. Not only should you allow it, but you should encourage.

Facebook is an essential marketing tool for businesses. The Found Gen can help you fine-tune your Facebook strategy so that you get the highest level of engagement. If you need a little extra Facebook help, give us a shout.




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