Why Your Brand Needs a Story

And Needs Help Telling It

All businesses have a story. A good story explains where your products or services fall within the market. But, it’s how you tell your story is what matters most.

Essentially, your business’ story tells the world who you are and invites people to connect with you. Part of your brand’s story should make it clear what you can do for people—what problems you solve and what value you add.

Telling your story should be a main part of your marketing strategy, and one of the best ways to tell your story is through content. Compelling stories share several characteristics. As you start to think about your business’ story, consider these things:

Be Authentic

Everything about your story must be true—obviously. In marketing content, always feature real people, real situations, real examples, and facts. Each part of your story should be relatable to people. Keep in mind that most people can easily identify inauthenticity.

Be Human 

The best stories pull at people’s heartstrings or create a situation that they can easily identify with. To add a human touch to your story, be relatable and believable, but also universal to appeal to as many people as possible.

Be Original 

Originality is one of the most important characteristics of any business. Success depends on standing out—whether it’s offering a unique product or service, or showcasing your particular version of the product or service. Your story should always offer a fresh perspective and convey what’s special about your business. The more original your story, the more memorable it will be. This can drive new business and keep loyal customers.

Get Help Telling Your Story

It is sometimes difficult for business owners to see their companies from an outsider’s perspective, so understanding what should be part of your story can be a challenge. Content experts can help you brainstorm ideas, uncover the not-so-obvious characteristics, and reimagine certain concepts to tell your best story. Businesses that invest in telling their stories will grow. So, be sure to include storytelling in your marketing strategy.

At The Found Gen, we understand the value of a great story and how to tell a compelling story. Let us help you tell your story. Get in touch today.