Why Your Content Needs to Look as Good as It Sounds: Make your content memorable

Too often in content marketing, we focus on the actual content. But, making your content visually appealing is what makes it most successful because it gets noticed.

Whether you’re creating an ebook, eblast, blog, or other type of content, it should look as good as it sounds. Making writing and design work together will make audiences notice and engage with the content.

Here are some reasons to make design just as important as your content:

It makes content more readable.

The more visually appealing something is, the more likely people will look it over—skim it and even read through it. Use of colors, headlines, and graphics, and coming up with ways to section off content makes it more readable. This also makes the content more memorable and increases the likelihood that someone will respond to it.

Not everyone absorbs information the same way.

Not everyone reads things the same way. Some prefer to skim, while others dive in and read every word. An excellent design can make your piece of content appeal to both groups. Headlines highlight important messages, while subheads and pull quotes denote secondary messaging. Sidebars and boxes showcase complementary messaging. All of these design elements increase absorption.

Some people are visual learners.

Most people, in fact, learn from visual elements. Not planning for this and including a visually appealing design with graphics and pictures means you’re not connecting with an entire segment of your audience. Design can you’re your content inclusive. If you neglect design, visual learners will rarely take away anything from the copy.

Design establishes a visual identity.

It may sound superficial but looks matter. Emphasizing design will make your content stand out and get noticed. When you use standard colors and design elements, you establish your brand identity, and people will notice.

Design encourages an action.

Thoughtful design calls attention to your message and inspires people to take action. When design is done right, it works with the copy and shows people what to do with the information.

At the Found Gen, we know that design and writing are equally important in a content marketing strategy. We can craft your content and present it in a highly visually inspiring way. Get in touch today.