Content Turnoffs That Drive Audiences Away: How to avoid these offenses

Content marketing is only successful when it clicks with an audience. However, content marketers often don’t get these kinds of results.

Only about one-third of marketers rate their content marketing strategy as extremely or very effective. Most likely, that’s because they are engaging in content tactics that create disconnects with audiences and even turn them off altogether.

Here’s an overview of three content turnoffs and how to remedy them:

  1. It’s All About You—Not Your Audience

The goal of any great content marketing strategy is to provide valuable and relevant information that establishes a relationship with audiences. You want to build rapport, and no solid relationship is one-sided. With content, it’s tempting to focus on topics that are interesting to you or your industry, but that audiences don’t care about.

The most useful content is audience focused. The more audience-centric it is the greater appeal it will have, and you’ll get engagement. Always give your audience practical information, rather than just information about your brand.

  1. You’re Trying to Sell

The whole reason you’re embarking on a content marketing strategy is to promote your brand and generate new leads. We know. But, you can do all of this without overtly selling yourself. And, trust us, no one likes a sales pitch.

Overly selling is a huge turnoff. People can easily spot insincerity and inauthenticity. People want genuine information that they can use. You should first aim to educate and inform. This is how you establish a long-term relationship with audiences, and this is what ultimately will lead to a sale and repeat business.

  1. You Think More Is Better

You may think that the more content you have the better. But, this is actually false. While you need a consistent flow of content, quality means more than quantity. More is not always better, and when it comes to content, it can be detrimental.

Producing too much content can overwhelm audiences and create information overload. There’s an individual ideal frequency for content production, and exceeding that is counterproductive. Focusing on always producing more content usually means your quality takes a dive.

If you’re committing any of these content offenses, think about seeking professional help—from content marketing experts. The Found Gen’s knowledgeable team can create a tailored content marketing campaign that includes developing topics your audience will love and creating a plan of action. Give us a shout today.