How to Be More Efficient in Creating Content

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Creating top-notch content is incredibly time consuming. It takes careful research to come up with insightful topics, and then there’s the research that you need to write the piece, and the actual writing.

You also need to plan your content-creation strategy and decide how to promote it. So much goes into content creation that sometimes the best approach is to hire a profession to help you. Here are some ways to be more efficient when creating content.

Streamline the Research Process

Researching is arguably the most time-consuming part of content creation. You want to present the most current and insightful information to your readers—but this takes time. Once you’ve found the best information to include in your blog post, you have to think about how to present it to your readers in a way that’s best applicable to their lives.

Plan Out Topic Ideas

Even when you have a strong understanding of your audience, coming up with new topic ideas can be tough. Base topic ideas on a variety of things—what’s new in the industry, something timely, or refreshers on information. Another good tip is to look at your past best-performing content and think about how to grow ideas from that.

Always plan out your topics in advance and create a schedule. It’s too difficult to come up with topics when you sit down to write. If you know in advance what you’ll be writing about, you will have time to think about the topics.

Re-Think Your Strategy

Depending on your time constraints, you may need to re-think your content strategies as things progress. Maybe you initially planned to write one post a day before realizing how nearly impossible that is. You need to post regularly, but it’s OK to cut back to, say, once a week. Re-evaluating your strategy will help you come up with a plan that better fits with your schedule.

Schedule Time to Write

Once you have a solid content strategy and a list of topics, schedule time to write. If you don’t, you’ll probably never get around to it. Or, you’ll scramble to meet your deadlines. Block off time each day or once a week just to write. And, keep that appointment. Don’t think of it as a flexible time slot that you can shrug off.

Does content creation just not fit into your schedule? It’s time to hire a professional. The Found Gen can save your day. We can develop a content strategy that includes idea generation, content creation, and more. Get in touch today.

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