Is No One Reading Your Blog? Here’s Why.

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We get it. Your blog is your baby. You take so much care to come up with the best topics and craft the best content. So, we know how much it hurts when your posts just aren’t getting the readers that you know they deserve.

Blogging is tough and time consuming. If you’re going to the effort, you want results. There could be several reasons why your blog isn’t attracting the attention that you think it should be. Let’s troubleshoot.

Are You Doing Enough Promotion?

Blogs are not a write-it-and-they-will-come kind of thing. You have to go an extra step to promote posts and let people know that they exist. A good rule to live by is to spend at least half as much time promoting a blog post as you spent creating it.

Send email messages alerting subscribers about a new post. Email is one of the most effective ways to promote content.

Share the post on social media more than once. For example, maybe re-post it every other day for the week following its publication. Consider paying to promote the post, which is actually inexpensive. Also, republish the content on different platforms, such as LinkedIn, Medium, or industry-specific sites.

Is Your Content Too Sales Focused?

No one wants an all-out sales pitch, so stop trying to sell through your content. Forcing your services on readers, instead of being educational or entertaining, is a major turn off.

If you feel that you must include a call to action, place it at the end of your post in a subtle way. Don’t make that a sales pitch either. Direct people to a related blog post or to your social media pages.

Are You Saying Something New?

It may be tough to acknowledge but is your content covering the same old ground as the thousands of other blog posts out there? If you aren’t offering new insights, different angles, or writing in an interesting way, people may not want to read it.

However, it’s possible to take a topic that’s been done and add a new angle or new research, and a fresh approach—and make it work. Then, you have content worth reading.

Is Your Blog Really as Great as You Think It Is?

This one really hurts. But, really think about it—could your content be better? Ask yourself these questions:

  • Is it truly useful to your audience?
  • Does it offer examples?
  • Is it actionable—offering solutions that people can use?
  • If you weren’t affiliated with the company, would you still share the post with your friends?

How you answer these questions could be a telling sign on the true quality of your blog and offer insights into why it might not be getting read.

If you’re struggling to get your blog the attention it deserves, you may need professional help. The Found Gen can help you come up with insightful topics, write impeccable posts, and promote your blog so that you will see results. Get in touch today.

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