Things to Avoid When Growing Your Email Subscriber List: Let it grow organically

Email marketing lets you directly engage with potential customers. You just need subscribers.

Growing your subscriber base isn’t always easy, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to build the list. Here are a few things to avoid when growing your email subscriber list, and what you should


15 Stats You Should Know About Content Marketing: It’s all in the data

Content marketing can help you achieve many things. It builds your brand identity. It creates brand loyalty. It educates potential customers, and lets them engage directly with you.

Content creation is an obvious (and important) piece of the strategy, but content marketing is much more. It’s about how your content


Why Your Blog Shouldn’t Be Overly Promotional: It’s the best way to turn people off

Blogging gives you a platform for sharing your knowledge and educating others about your industry. When done right, it is one of the best ways to attract customers.

Your blog is a way of selling yourself and your business without actually selling—or that’s what it should be. The goal of


Content Turnoffs That Drive Audiences Away: How to avoid these offenses

Content marketing is only successful when it clicks with an audience. However, content marketers often don’t get these kinds of results.

Only about one-third of marketers rate their content marketing strategy as extremely or very effective. Most likely, that’s because they are engaging in content tactics that create disconnects with


Why Your Content Needs to Look as Good as It Sounds: Make your content memorable

Too often in content marketing, we focus on the actual content. But, making your content visually appealing is what makes it most successful because it gets noticed.

Whether you’re creating an ebook, eblast, blog, or other type of content, it should look as good as it sounds. Making writing and


The Best Types of Lead-Generating Content and Why You Need Them: Offer something valuable to potential customers in exchange for their contact information

Drumming up new business is both a complicated and delicate task. You don’t want to be too aggressive in your approach, but you also want to reach people in a way that leads them to engage with your products or services.

Generating leads is one of the ways that content


Are These Content-Creation Roadblocks Plaguing You? Here’s how to overcome them

Most businesses know they need content and a content marketing strategy. But, they have no idea how to how to take the first step. Trust us, we understand.

A lot goes into content creation. You have to know your audience and set clear goals for what you want out of


Why You Shouldn’t Handle Your Own Social Media: You need a professional strategy

It’s a simple fact: businesses shouldn’t handle your own social media accounts. Chances are you don’t really know how to do social media the right way and probably don’t have the time. That’s why you should hire a professional.

When you hire a professional marketer to take charge of your


How to Handle a Social Media Crisis: It’s all about your reaction

Social media is great for business—most of the time. It’s a great place to showcase your business and engage with customers, but sometimes mistakes happen or crises occur.

Businesses should handle these situations with care. Social media gaffs can happen in an instant and get out of control before you


The Dos and Don’ts of Twitter Marketing: Your Brand Will Thank You for Following These Guidelines

Here’s the scenario: A tragedy occurs unexpectedly, as these things are wont to happen, and the social mediaverse responds immediately with sympathy, immediate solutions and offers to provide assistance, and emergency details as they roll in. But your company’s Twitter account relies on scheduled tweets, and so your message of


5 Branding Mistakes to Avoid: Be consistent, clear, and welcoming

A company’s brand identity is what attracts customers and sets it up for success in the marketplace. Branding connects with customers and establishes loyalty.

Brands should be clear, consistent, and welcoming so that people feel a connection with them. It should convey integrity and innovation. That should be the goal


Five Signs You’re Ready to Grow Your Business (Don’t Stress Out. We Can Help with This One.)

Remember the craziness of starting your business? The late night brainstorming sessions, deciding on a name and then a kickass logo, your inaugural client and all the lessons you learned from him, and the fear and relief you felt when you added your very first official employee? Whew. You made


How to Reach B2B Customers with Content: You’re still targeting people

Content marketing for business-to-business (B2B) customers is often very different from business to consumer. While the topics and structure of the content itself is what’s most different, many similarities exist.

B2B content, like all other content, must be impeccably written and strive to educate or entertain. And, ultimately, you’re still


Reinventing the Email: Don’t Hit Send Until You Read This

It’s maddening. You spent all morning crafting a brilliant email to your team, with astute observations related to four current projects, at least two super innovative client ideas, and an invitation to a Friday afternoon happy hour in the conference room, as long as you had their attention. Zero responses.


7 Habits of the Most Productive Content Teams: The handle the whole process

Content marketing is a multi-step process that involves generating ideas, creating strategies, writing, publishing, and promoting. It can be overwhelming for those not accustomed to the process.

Professional content marketing teams are highly productive because they have a plan for systematically moving through all the steps. If you’re ready to