2018 Social Media and Content Trends to Know

SEO is so 2017. Today, our attention is being pulled in a million directions, and no amount of brilliant blog writing can fight for attention with video, micro influencers…and personalized content.

Want to stay ahead of the curve so your content gets the attention it deserves? Then we should really


Why Content Marketing is a Worthy Investment: The ROI is Unbeatable

Running a business can be costly, and too often, business owners don’t set aside a marketing budget. But, really, marketing is the only way you can grow your business.

Specifically, content marketing—creating content for your website or social media channels—is a powerful strategy for attracting new traffic and building your


Instagram Hacks: Do You Even Understand That Darn Algorithm?

Lately, Instagram’s algorithm is a total Rubik’s cube. And just when we think we’ve solved it, there’s a new change and our posts are once again buried and unseen.

Is that why only seven people liked my snap of my puppy in his turtleneck sweater?! Ugh.

That darn algorithm is


Is Your Website Content Customer-Centric? Hint: It Probably Isn’t

Today’s customers begin every search for products or services online. So, when they search for what you offer, what will they find? Think about this as you create content for your website.

If your content is focused too heavily on you and your business, you could be making a mistake.


Social Media is Transforming the Hotel Industry: Is Yours Fully Booked?

Yes, we’re on social media. We monitor our Yelp reviews…”

There’s more to social media than customer reviews, especially when it comes to increasing customer engagement. Our hotel clients understand that their best strategy inspires and moves their base to book. Their goal? No reservations. In more ways than one.


Build a Following: How Content Leads to Loyal Customers

It’s more cost effective to hold on to existing customers

It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of making new sales and adding new customers, but in the long run, long-lasting relationships are much more beneficial.

Hanging on to repeat customers is actually less costly for your business


Your Blog is Boring. Let us fix that for you.

No one reads blogs anymore.”

We hear that all the time. We hear how people only consume bite-sized bits of information, so why bother writing blog posts if no one has


Your Organization is Full of Thought Leaders. Here’s How to Identify Them.

Thought leaders are the people in your company or organization that have informed opinions and are the go-to people in their field of expertise. They’re the people trusted to inspire the


Why You Should Embrace Email Marketing in 2018: Target customers where they are

Apps, push notifications, and social media have taken the business world by storm. But lately, the space has become overcrowded, making it tough for customers to sift through the information overload


Is Social Media Bringing You Down? You may be doing it wrong.

Social media makes me sad.”

That is a real quote from one of our favorite clients, and the reason why she didn’t want us to create a social media campaign for


Instagram Matters: Unofficial Rules to Remember Before You Post

It’s hard to ignore the power of Instagram. It launches modern day insta-celebrities, transforms brands seemingly overnight,


So, You Don’t Think You Need a Blog? Here’s Why You’re Wrong

Blogging isn’t a new concept, but the vast majority of businesses still don’t have a blog.

Blogging is an effective and inexpensive way to enhance your marketing efforts, drive traffic to your site, and attract the right customers. Blogging gives you complete control. As a business, you can brand yourself


How to Tell Your Brand’s Story… So that none of your customers fall asleep

You’ve been there from day one. From that cocktail napkin inked with your ideas to the first few pitch meetings until right where you are this very minute.

Your brand is


How Content Can Help You Attract Top Talent: Content helps your business grow in many ways

We know content marketing is great for attracting new customers and even for keeping your current customers interested, but can it also help you attract prospective employees?

Hiring new employees that have the right skills and match your company culture is a serious challenge, especially for small businesses. Content can


Cultivating Curiosity: There’s More to You Than Brand-Centric Content

Do you ever find yourself bored with your own content? Wishing you could chat about anything other than that stuff you sell or that thing you do?


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