Why Cause Marketing is What the World Needs Right Now

We know that the news cycle is cyclical, but it sure feels like we are currently experiencing one of the worst times our own country has gone through. Political divisiveness is


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How many times have you found yourself scrambling to come up with a topic for a blog post that needs to be posted in a couple of hours? It happens to


Which Types of Content Can Be Upcycled into a Lead-Generating eBook?

Content marketing isn’t all about social media and blogging. Great content can come in a variety of forms. eBooks, in fact, can be incredibly valuable for your clients. They allow you


What Even is Content? Hint: It’s More than a Bunch of Words Filling Up Your Blog

Think of it like this: Your blog is the front door of your brand. Is it covered in cobwebs, in need of a few swipes of paint, a broken key in


What to Expect When You Work With a Content Agency

Letting someone else create the content for your company that you’ve worked so hard to establish can leave business owners a little uneasy. But, writing content that has a true impact


5 Podcasts You Don’t Wanna Miss

Unless you’ve been caught under a rock or a very heavy piece of furniture, you’ve likely noticed that podcasts are all the rage right now. Every celebrity seems to have one,


5 Instagram Story Tips for Hotels

Have you ever read a story so good that you wanted to jump right into its pages? Just turn up unannounced in Chapter Three, your bags swept off to your suite


Get Better Results by Writing Actionable Content

Every company needs to be producing great content. But, great content can be variable. You may not have the time and effort necessary to create top-notch content only to


Five Stars: How to Generate Great Reviews and Testimonials

If you’re a hotelier trying to stand out among all the hotel options for your favorite travelers, you’re probably pretty exhausted. It’s difficult, isn’t it?

No matter how hard you work, let’s be honest: One less-than-stellar Yelp review can really pack a punch. Ouch.

Is there an easier way to


4 Reasons You Need to Hire Out Your Content Writing: It will save you the time and stress of doing it yourself

It won’t shock you—or maybe it will—that blogging definitely benefits your business. But, what may actually come as a shock is the amount of time and effort blogging truly takes. If you’re on the fence about blogging but can’t make the time commitment, it may be time to hire out


The Power of a Hotel’s Insider Secrets: Get Your Guests in the Know and They’ll Never Leave

Good books don’t give up all their secrets at once. Stephen King said that, and we agree. In fact, we say the exact same thing about the clients and brands we help build – especially our hoteliers.

It’s no secret that hotel guests value complimentary meals and drinks over most


How to Target Baby Boomers with Your Content: So much focus is put on millennials, but baby boomers are still a viable audience

Millennials are all aboard the social media and content marketing train, so it makes sense that a lot of businesses target this demographic. But, what about baby boomers? 

Although baby boomers weren’t born in the middle of the digital era, they still use Google to seek out services and products.


How to Successfully Delegate Your Content

At The Found Gen, we believe you can do anything, but not everything. Just kidding. That’s what David Allen believes, and we know this because literally everyone on Pinterest has his words formatted in inspirational all-capped fonts on a brightly colored background.

I mean, we mostly agree with Mr. Allen,


Luring Business Travelers? This Is How to Focus Your Email Content

It’s common for hotels to see a lot of business during the weekend, but unfortunately, some may remain pretty quiet during the week. Increasing visits from business guests is a great way to improve your occupancy during the week—you just need to let them know you have their needs covered.


Three Keys to Building a Content Community

Do you ever look at your favorite Instagram account and wonder, “How did they get fifty thousand followers? I have two hundred.” Maybe you shrugged, liked the photo, and then left a supportive comment…which was replied to within the hour with a fire emoji and a thumbs up. You hearted