Are You Hearing What Your Client is Telling You?


It’s so much easier to tell your client what you’re thinking than listen to their thoughts. After all, you’re the one who knows how to best manage their brand, right?

Maybe. But probably not.

No matter your level of knowledge, it’s crucial to become a master listener – especially


How Newsletters Help You Grow

Email marketing is one of the best ways for businesses and brands to communicate directly with potential customers. The best part is that you can directly target your messaging.

Email newsletters can help drive business in many ways. You can share company news, product or service information, deals, or your


Why Your Brand Needs a Story

And Needs Help Telling It

All businesses have a story. A good story explains where your products or services fall within the market. But, it’s how you tell your story is what matters most.

Essentially, your business’ story tells the world who you are and invites people to connect with you. Part of your brand’s story should make it clear what you


Networking 101 in 2017

Five tips on how to reconnect and reinvent your brand

So you want to start your own business. Excellent. You can count on us to be in your corner, especially if you need assistance with your branding and story. It’s kind of our thing.

Tell us who else has your back.


Just Ask: Get What You Want

Whether it’s a new client, a bigger audience – by preparing well and not being afraid of rejection

The Rolling Stones were wrong: You can always get what you want. You might just have to manage your wants a little better.

I have an incredibly talented friend who deals with corporate numbers all day, and then designs


How to Ask Better Questions (aka looking smarter during client meetings and presentations)

You’ve been in that meeting. We have, too. The one when a close colleague raises her hand and proceeds to speak in circles for at least two or three minutes, until she finally hears your encouraging cough that will hopefully redirect her focus, and gets to her intended question: “Ummm, there was a


Why Your Small Business Must Start a Blog/Social Media

The fantastic thing about the internet is that there’s a place for all of us. It’s an enormous office building. And no matter our business or brand, there are probably at least a hundred others who will find it interesting. But do you really want to start and maintain a blog just


5 Tips to Create a Cozier Home Workspace

Working from home comes with all sorts of distractions — dogs barking at the mailman, the temptation of binge watching Netflix shows, and the many chores that need to be done. The key to ultimate concentration and productivity at home is having a cozy workspace.

The more you can focus on


6 Subreddits All Writers Should Know About

All writers can benefit from honest feedback and a community of support. One of the best places for writers to find this is on Reddit.

No matter what type of writer you are or what type of writing most interests you, Reddit and its numerous Subreddits have a lot to offer, including


Authenticity Rules: 5 Ways to Reach Millennials with Content Marketing

Marketers these days are spending so much of their time and resources on truly understanding the millennial generation. Millennials represent $2.45 trillion in spending power, so businesses want their attention.

The trick is reaching them and providing the information that they need and want. And, what they most want is authenticity.

Older generations


What Content Marketers Can Learn from Fake News?

Fake news was probably the top cultural development of 2016. It played a strong role in the presidential election, much to the ire ofRead More


Words Matter

2016 was not a great year for words. According to Dictionary.com, there was an overarching theme in trending lookup data that wasn’t too surprising, but was terribly disappointing. The Word of the Year was xenophobia, defined as the fear or hatred of foreigners, people from different cultures, or strangers. It also refers


Facebook Live: Changing the Face of Your Business

Everyone’s on Facebook. All ages, every demographic, and every interest group you could ever imagine. It’s a built-in audience of clients and customers and pure potential.

And now there’s Facebook Live, a feature that offers live-streaming video capabilities to users. Because who hasn’t dreamed of being a star? Facebook Live could certainly deliver such a result:


Your Inbox is A Total Jerk


Remember when the biggest distraction in your was your office mate’s compulsion for celebrating absolutely everything? “Josh got a promotion! We’re meeting in the break room for cake at 11!” Congratulating Josh – and Karen on her new baby, Dali on her relocation to LA, and Kai on his birthday – really


4 Blogging Mistakes Businesses Make — and, How to Avoid Them

A website is about the same as an online business card. And, simply having a site will not get you noticed. You also need an interactive piece that shows who you really are.

While a blog is the best way to do this, businesses often make many blogging mistakes. Here’s are four common mistakes and how