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AdMobilize is a unique advertising platform that set about to change the face of advertising. They came to us in the Summer of 2012 to help them identify the brand and launch both the website and wireframe applications through innovative content. By first establishing a bold slogan to encapsulate the brand in just a few words, The Found Gen delivered the brand’s essential trademark, “Ad Differently.”

Next, our team of dedicated and creative writers worked hand-in-hand with AdMobilize to deliver engaging yet easy-to-understand content for the brand’s website that would appeal to both consumers and brands alike. Creating unique and branded terminology such as “AdGear” and delivering the brand’s signature tone helped to give AdMobilize the overall brand and personality it needed to launch both the website and applications.

In addition, The Found Gen delivered a targeted media kit for AdMobilize to present to potential advertising partners. The innovative kit breaks down how AdMobilize works and appeals to consumers through their technological advancements and targeted demographic and psychographic analyses.

Finally, we helped introduce AdMobilize to the world through composing press releases to be released to the media showcasing what AdMobilize was all about and inviting media and brands to come take a closer look at the “robin hood of advertising.”

  • AdMobilize
  • July 2012
  • Branding
  • Slogan
  • Strategy Planning
  • Media Kit Development
  • Wireframe Composition
  • Press Release Composition
  • Content Marketing

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