Anais Ganouna

photo by anais ganouna photography

Anais Ganouna Photography came to The Found Gen with a request to create a new slogan that could brand the business and capture the true feeling behind the company’s creative work. The Found Gen created a slogan that best encapsulated the raw emotions that every image Anais Ganouna Photography captured through their cameras–an extension of their creative and in-tune eye. As the founder and owner, Anais Ganouna comes from a French heritage, The Found Gen also sought to include the true foundation of the business through its owner’s culture. Thus, “Exposez La Vie” became the new slogan for Anais Ganouna Photography.

Since crafting the new slogan for the company, The Found Gen has gone on to craft the latest biography for the company’s founder as well as executed a full brand assessment that enabled the company to re-assess their in-place marketing strategy and create a dedicated approach to their branding and content. Currently, The Found Gen serves as a consultant team to Anais Ganouna Photography, aiding in their ongoing growth, branding and storytelling endeavors.

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