Social Media Mishaps + How a Professional Can Help You Avoid Them: Using social media properly will help you build your brand

Just about everyone uses social media to follow and keep up with friends, family, and different businesses. Users are reading news, researching different products, looking at reviews, and much more. If you’re not on social media, you need to be.

But, knowing how to properly and successfully use social media is more difficult than it sounds. Mistakes can happen even if you have the best intentions. Here are a few common social media mistakes to avoid and how hiring a professional content and social media marketer can help:

Targeting the Wrong Market

There is a seemingly overwhelming number of social media platforms to choose from. Each platform has its own user base and way of sharing and targeting content. To pick the social media platform that’s best for your brand, you must know your targeted demographic. If you don’t properly focus your message on the right site, it can be a waste of time.

This is an extremely common mistake to make, but professional content marketers can help you focus your message on the social media platform that will best reach your audience.

Sharing Invaluable Content  

Providing your audience with content that doesn’t interest or educate them won’t bring the attention you want for your brand. Steer clear of posting useless or repeated information to your business’ social media page. Stick to content that’s related to what your business does and establishes you as an expert, and that your followers seem to be most interested in. Content your audience deems useful and valuable is the best way to grow your following.

Engaging the audience of your social media page can be a full-time job. A professional content marketing company will take the responsibility of creating valuable content off your hands, so you can focus your time on other aspects of your business.

Not Being Consistent with Posts

There are millions of business pages on social media. This means users are bombarded with content. It’s incredibly necessary to post updates to your social media accounts daily. Making an effort to be consistent in the tone of your posts, as well as how often you post, will make or break your content marketing strategy. It’s better to have no social media accounts than to have an inactive account.

A content marketing professional will provide you with regular updates of new and refreshing content. They’ll come up with engaging posts to meet the expectations audiences have for your brand.

Social media rules and trends change frequently, and it takes time to learn what works and what doesn’t. Professional marketers stay on top of what’s most effective for businesses.

At the Found Gen, we understand social media. We can create a tailored strategy so that you can avoid these common social media mishaps and leverage it  to your advantage. Give us a call today.