Social Media is Transforming the Hotel Industry: Is Yours Fully Booked?

“Yes, we’re on social media. We monitor our Yelp reviews…”

There’s more to social media than customer reviews, especially when it comes to increasing customer engagement. Our hotel clients understand that their best strategy inspires and moves their base to book. Their goal? No reservations. In more ways than one.

If you’re a hotelier wondering how to craft the most intriguing, effective social channel presence, we’ve got a few ideas:

  • Bring your hotel to life. By focusing on events happening in real time, followers are always aware of what’s going on. Not only does this tactic inspire interest and excitement from future guests, it also helps create a visual and interactive cache of accessible and influential content.
  • Start a conversation. Rather than broadcasting your hotel’s content, why not chat with your customer base in an any-place, any-time manner, from pre-booking to post-checkout? Are you there to answer the questions that make customers comfortable enough to book with you? You should be.
  • Embrace video. Your hotel should cultivate an interesting short-lived presence on Instagram Stories and Snapchat. So engaging, in fact, that your followers will experience a heavy case of FOMO.
  • Appreciate user-generated content. Never underestimate the power of location check-ins, selfie photos, and status updates from your client base. Work with those who complement your brand, and encourage them to use an addictive hashtag to highlight your hotel’s brand, and reward its use with reposting.
  • Take good care of your customer service requests and issues. Complaints can go viral in an instant, but maintaining a helpful, there-for-you vibe goes a long way in erasing a misstep or two.
  • Retain your customers’ loyalty. As stiff competition for price-conscious customers increases, customer loyalty becomes more of a challenge. Award bonus points to those follows referring your hotel to their family and friends, while you collect valuable insights from your most engaged users.
  • Don’t just sell your hotel rooms; sell your lifestyle. Partner with your nearby-network of restaurants, local artists, and other like-minded brands, building your own horizontal reach.

Social media trends are moving faster than ever, and users quickly become exhausted by the same-old methods of managing a social media campaign. If you’re ready to reignite your followers and turn them into guests, give us a call. We can promise you’ll have no reservations after hearing our plans for your property.