How to Tell Your Brand’s Story… So that none of your customers fall asleep

You’ve been there from day one. From that cocktail napkin inked with your ideas to the first few pitch meetings until right where you are this very minute.

Your brand is your baby. And whoa, do we love bragging on and on about our babies, on and on and on until our audience base rolls their eyes or, worse, loses interest altogether.

At The Found Gen, we’re very good at telling stories about babies. Errrr, brands.

Like the one about these bohemian, ultra-romantic treehouses tucked deep in the Jamaican Riviera, a getaway surrounded by waterfalls at the ready for your “me Tarzan, you Jane” moment, a remote idyll where you can touch the stars and kiss the sun…oh, and there’s rum. Lots of rum.

Yeah, that’s a really good story.

But you don’t need Tarzan or rum to tell a brilliant story. (They don’t hurt, though, so whenever possible, you should use either. Or both.)

Here’s what you do need:

  • An unforgettable hook. Think of it as an elevator pitch that’s had a few cocktails. It’s maybe one tiny, endearing fact about your brand from way back when, buried under all the new team members and paperwork and technology and day to day operations. We can help you remember.
  • Less how, more why. There may be a lot of yous in your specific industry, whether you’re an interior designer, a personal trainer, or a tech wizard. Set your brand apart by forgoing the details of how you work and emphasizing why you work instead. It can be very powerful and set you apart from the pack.
  • Your story can be the best story in the world, but that doesn’t matter one bit if your audience isn’t interested in the story. Tell them why, specifically, it matters to each of them. Make it relevant. Make sure they can’t turn away. Your goal is to keep them hanging on every last word.

And when all else fails, you’re more than welcome to use that whole Tarzan angle. It gets them every time.

For more tips on how to best tell your story, give us a call.