Is Your Website Content Customer-Centric? Hint: It Probably Isn’t

Today’s customers begin every search for products or services online. So, when they search for what you offer, what will they find? Think about this as you create content for your website.

If your content is focused too heavily on you and your business, you could be making a mistake. The angle you take with your content should focus on your customers and what they want and need, instead of what your business wants and needs.

You only have a short window to grab your reader’s attention. So, if you’re not using language that pulls your reader in, you’re losing potential customers.

Customer-centric language feels valuable to customers. So, here are some tips for using it in your content.

Write for and about current and potential customers

Instead of rambling on and on about your great new product, try speaking directly to your customers. Potential customers most likely know little to nothing about you yet. And, the truth is, they don’t care that much about you yet, so don’t bombard them with talk that’s all about you. Instead, focus on what your business can do for your customers. Put yourself in their shoes, and write about how your product can benefit them.

Customer-centric language is more persuasive

You should be writing content to persuade potential customers to buy your product. It may seem that business-centric language is more persuasive, but the opposite is actually true. Customer-centric language is more persuasive because it speaks to the customer directly and considers their emotional connection to issues that matter the most to them when considering your product.

Customer-centric language makes a better first impression  

Your first impression is so important, especially on the web. If all of the content on your website is focused on you and what you can do, you’re not making a very good first impression. On the other hand, content that inspires and enlightens people lets you make an impactful impression.

Use customer-centric language everywhere in your business

Content is a great way to lure potential customers and keep returning customers. Align your actions with your words and always deliver a customer-centric service as well as content. Customers will remember the positive experience and be more likely to recommend you to others.

Creating content that speaks directly to your customers isn’t easy, but it will definitely pay off. If you’re having trouble creating top-notch content for your website, we can help.