Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Change Can Be Good: How to Market in a Post-COVID World

You know those amusement park rides that just keep spinning you and spinning you and spinning you – so much so that you continue to feel like you’re spinning even long after you’ve gotten off the ride?

It’s a little like how we’re all feeling right now. Everything has been spun, shaken and stirred, and we probably won’t feel quite the same for a good long while. In many respects, we may have changed for good.

The same is true for our businesses, and those changes will have a lasting impact on how we go about marketing them in a post-COVID world.

Pivoting in the Face of a Pandemic

Adapting to a new way of doing the work as well as forging a new path for our work has forced us all to radically rethink our business model and the needs of our clients.

But with this change has come extraordinary opportunities to pivot our businesses – pivot them in ways that truly resonate with our people and compel them to do something they may not have thought to do before.

The economic impact our world has taken in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic has put many of our businesses at an evolutionary cross-roads. Only the strong will survive.

Good news.

You are the strong. You will survive. And the way you will do it? By creating an invaluable experience for your clients.

How Content Market Will Seize the Day

Information is power, and by providing helpful, informative content, you will empower your clients.

Truly great content marketing is to a virtual experience what salt is to the ocean. It breathes life into your business. It adds flavor and texture. It leaves an impression on your customers and beckons them to come back for more.

And truly great content marketing is what experts like Bill Gates predict is essential to surviving and thriving in a post-COVID world.

As Gates says, things may never be the same – certainly not in the near-term and very likely many of the changes we are experiencing will be permanent.

How you respond right now may mean the difference between simply scraping by (if you’re lucky) and truly revolutionizing your business for the future.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time for a change. Let’s get to it.