The Miami-inspired children’s clothing line, Guava Con Queso, was looking to grow its online sales and build a reputation both in Miami and other Hispanic communities.

Creative Marketing

The Found Gen stepped in to help build unique creative strategies for the company. Focusing on establishing a small presence with local pop-up shops, Guava Con Queso started to build a reputation that translated into an online store.

The Company struggled with finding the right price point for its clothing as the clothes were organic cotton, printed with organic, all-natural ink and made in the United States – a costly product to make.

The Found Gen is currently working with Guava Con Queso to source the right products that will continue to maintain its dedication to providing parents with the peace of mind that their child is wearing safely made products while also allowing them to create adorable tees at prices that work for young parents.

Email Marketing

The Found Gen will be re-launching a tailor-made email marketing campaign for GCQ, focusing on crafting product-based eBlasts and fun, informative, locally-driven content.




Guava Con Queso