Kamalame Cay is a world-renowned private island resort in the Bahamas who was looking to boost their brand awareness internationally, through social media and email marketing when they came to The Found Gen in 2012.

Social Media

In 2012, we launched the resort’s initial social media campaign – where their only social presence was 152 fans on Facebook. In 2018, Kamalame Cay boasts more than 6,236 fans on Facebook with over 700,000 impressions per year. Online sales have grown by over 20% per year for six years in a row. Today, The Found Gen continues to manage daily interactions from guests online for the hotel on Facebook – in order to allow resort staff and managers time to focus on their guests while on island.

The Found Gen launched the resort’s Instagram profile in 2014. The page currently boasts over 6,750 followers. The resort now has a dedicated hashtag with over 2,400 user generated posts. In 2016, the company launched multiple secondary profiles on Instagram tailored to represent the specific interests of their guests.

Email Marketing

We were also able to launch Kamalame’s Cay email marketing strategy and campaigns, starting in 2012. We leveraged the company’s existing mailing list to engage with prior guests and reach out to those who were interested in staying with the Cay but had yet to book.

With over 2,700 active users on their mailing list currently, we created dedicated emails including special promotional blasts to drive bookings and maintain a high rate of bookings each month.

We were able to generate over $50,000 in bookings from one eBlast.

Creative Marketing

When looking to create some unique events and opportunities to drive engagement and entertainment on island, we developed Sunday Luncheons – a now ever-present monthly luncheon serving five-star dining and wine pairings in partnership with Young’s Fine Wines.  Attendees currently fly in internationally, simply to attend these luncheons.



Kamalame Cay



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