Kanopi House is a boutique eco-friendly hotel, boasting chic tree houses nestled just above the famed Blue Lagoon in the heart of the Jamaican Riviera. Kanopi House came to The Found Gen in order to drive a higher booking rate and garner more international attention to the unique space.

Email Marketing

Creating a tailored look that matched the hotel’s unique aesthetic, we built a content calendar that would highlight the hotel itself, local activities, partnerships and traditional Jamaican lore. Guests of Kanopi House are typically those looking for a more adventurous, cultural experience when traveling to the Caribbean island, so we focused our content and look to best connect with the hotel’s target clientele.

Sharing special promotions, enticing adventures and interesting facts about the area – the email campaign has boosted the hotel’s booking rate and at times more than doubled the rate in a given month.

Social Media

Kanopi House came to us without a social presence at all – on any platform. We’ve built their platforms from scratch and created an engaged environment, showcasing the space’s unique look, amenities and even highlighted the hotel’s dedication to traditional Jamaican cuisine. Currently, Kanopi House boasts over 4,400 like on Facebook and a growing presence on Instagram.

Creative Marketing

Our team has also been able to work with Kanopi House on developing unique content and promotions. Our content work has included writing the mouth-watering descriptions of dishes at their Living Room restaurant, creating fun names for the new tree house rooms along with room descriptions for the hotel’s website, and even building unique package opportunities for partnered retreats with internationally-based companies.


Kanopi House