LVE Clothing is a Brazilian-based Athleisure-wear company that was looking to branch into the United States, both with brick-and-mortar stores in Miami, Florida as well as with bringing its online retail business stateside.

Email Marketing

We launched an entire email marketing campaign for LVE, focusing on driving sales through unique, eye-catching product-based eBlasts. Targeting each email to focus on a given product, or products – based on comprehensive packaging options, we tailored unique approaches to drive sales through the company’s online store. Working with the LVE team directly, we were able to track sales and optimize future success rates from the eBlasts by analyzing time stamps of open rates, purchases and on-site duration.


Our team aimed to establish LVE Clothing as a go-to resource for fitness style , training tips, and fitness inspiration. We also utilized the blog as a platform to best introduce the established Brazilian brand to an American audience.

The blog prolonged time-spent on the site per each visitor and we were able to determine an enhanced purchase rate based on the amount of time users were starting to spend on the site once the blog was launched.

SEO / Ad Management

Our Search and Tech team worked hand-in-hand with LVE Clothing to create a tailored strategy to boost LVE’s presence in the United States. Our team focused on moving their search equity over to a new domain and set the company up to compete organically online with pre-established large corporations such as Lululemon and Athleta.


LVE Clothing