5 Instagram Story Tips for Hotels

Have you ever read a story so good that you wanted to jump right into its pages? Just turn up unannounced in Chapter Three, your bags swept off to your suite without hesitation, and everyone thrilled to see you?

“They know my name,” you smile, taking a sip of the margarita that suddenly appeared in hand.

It sounds nice, doesn’t it? If you’re a hotelier today, that’s the experience you want every guest to feel when they drop into your story…err…property. But if they’re not booked yet, let them visit via Instagram Stories.

We manage several hotel social media strategies, and we’ve come up with a few best practices when story-ing your property.

  1. Make it personal. Instagram Stories are fleeting moments that last 24-hours, so they convey a more intimate, light-hearted style of content.
  2. Create a content calendar and goals. Organize the areas you want to share – beautiful meals, stunning events, friendly staff, guest activities – into a scheduled series that will entertain your followers while communicating your property’s vibe. Constantly ask yourself if your strategy is a success in relation to your key performance indicators. If not, try something new.
  3. Post regularly. We always remind our clients that out of sight means out of mind. If they’re not entertained and inspired by your stories, they’ll be invested in someone else’s. (At The Found Gen, we hate when that happens, so we make sure that never happens.)
  4. Use the Boomerang app. This burst is played forward and backward, and is perfect for capturing champagne bubbles, a poolside splash, or the waving of a guest card to open up their room.
  5. Post live videos. Using your analytics, determine when your followers are interested in a live stream of hotel life, and then show them what’s happening. Sneak a peek at a new dish your chef is cooking up, share some live music, or offer a follower-only free drink or room upgrade.

A few more, since we just can’t help ourselves from sharing our expertise: First, don’t forget to activate the messaging feature so potential guests and influencers can send questions about a possible booking. And also, convert your best stories into permanent posts, increasing their visibility and branding spread.

At The Found Gen, we know competition between hotels is fierce. There are a lot of you, and it seems like a new one is popping up every other day. But we can help you distance your property from all the rest.

You may not be the only hotel in town, but you can be the only one where your guests want to become a part of your story. Ask our team at The Found Gen how we can best get your story told. We’ll see you on Instagram.