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Content is King Just a hint of our daily drivel

What Online Marketing Tactics Should You Tackle First?

So, COVID-19 has sent your business for a loop? We get it.

And now you have to pivot your marketing strategies? We totally get it.

And you just have no clue where to start? We sooooo get it.

And a lot of people are shouting at you to buy ads or do SEO? Oof, yeah we get that too.

Look, there are STILL a lot of unknowns out there about how COVID-19 will affect the business world as we know it. One thing we do know is that the show must go on. Somehow, some way the world will come into the new normal and we all, as humans and as businesses, will have to adjust how we operate in a market that may never be the same.

How different will the world be? We just have to wait and see. But you can be guaranteed that there will be effects on your business. So, how do we prepare for the unknown?

Our recommendation is to stick to marketing tactics that work. You know, the kind that don’t break your proverbial piggy bank, don’t ride with fads (we see you tiktok), and don’t just slap a band-aid on it (cough cough, ads, cough).

While we’re waiting to see what shape the world takes, we don’t have to reinvent the wheel. We can still keep the business rolling by focusing on content creation. Nothing mind-blowing here, just a friendly reminder that while fishermen (it sounds weird to say fisher-people) can’t fish, they repair their nets. In this case, your “net” is one or all of three of the digital ages’ most time-tested marketing forms.


One of the first successful marketing campaigns we saw personally during COVID came in the simple form of a newsletter. It was a small breakfast place with amazing food. The campaign was very simple, it basically said: “Hey, we’re cookin’ – if you’re eatin’. Open for pick-up. All our menu items are $9.99!”

And boy, did it do the trick. We ordered the next day and when we went to pick up our meal, there were dozens of carry out orders waiting along with ours. This café could have easily lost tens of thousands of dollars, but instead they sent out a newsletter that reached their fans and turned COVID into a win.

Never forget the power of a newsletter. And on that note, never forget the power of collecting emails. The more contacts you have for your email campaigns, the more effective your campaigns can be.


Blogs have been the backbone of digital content for decades now. The main purpose of blogs is to drive traffic to your site with content-rich articles. But oftentimes businesses forget this or get too busy with the actual running of the business. In order to stay relevant as a business, your blogs have to stay relevant.

If you were searching for the best lawyer, would you go with the attorney who hasn’t posted a new blog since 2015, or the one who is staying up with the times and posting blogs about current events and contemporary subjects? We like relevancy and think it speaks to a brand’s status as a relatable business.

So, while you’re sitting around waiting for customers, write some blogs, or better yet, hire a team of professional content creators (cough, cough, us, cough) to create a content strategy for your company.

Social Media

Keep posting and keep engaging with your audience. Now is not the time to go silent. Post informative and engaging content. Post about how your team is grappling with the current state of the world. Just keep posting. But remember the 80/20 rule. 80% of the time you should be giving something to your audience: knowledge, insights, recommendations, a breath of fresh air. And 20% you can ask for something. Want to play it extra safe right now? Shoot for a 90/10 ratio.

We know we haven’t necessarily delivered earth-shattering news to you with this blog, but we hope that it served as a reminder to keep the content mill churning. It can’t ever stop or your business will stop.

Good luck out there. We’d love to hear from you about how COVID has affected your business and how you’ve evolved or adapted to confront the changes.

Ch-Ch-Ch-Ch-Change Can Be Good: How to Market in a Post-COVID World

You know those amusement park rides that just keep spinning you and spinning you and spinning you – so much so that you continue to feel like you’re spinning even long after you’ve gotten off the ride?

It’s a little like how we’re all feeling right now. Everything has been spun, shaken and stirred, and we probably won’t feel quite the same for a good long while. In many respects, we may have changed for good.

The same is true for our businesses, and those changes will have a lasting impact on how we go about marketing them in a post-COVID world.

Pivoting in the Face of a Pandemic

Adapting to a new way of doing the work as well as forging a new path for our work has forced us all to radically rethink our business model and the needs of our clients.

But with this change has come extraordinary opportunities to pivot our businesses – pivot them in ways that truly resonate with our people and compel them to do something they may not have thought to do before.

The economic impact our world has taken in the face of the COVID-19 pandemic has put many of our businesses at an evolutionary cross-roads. Only the strong will survive.

Good news.

You are the strong. You will survive. And the way you will do it? By creating an invaluable experience for your clients.

How Content Market Will Seize the Day

Information is power, and by providing helpful, informative content, you will empower your clients.

Truly great content marketing is to a virtual experience what salt is to the ocean. It breathes life into your business. It adds flavor and texture. It leaves an impression on your customers and beckons them to come back for more.

And truly great content marketing is what experts like Bill Gates predict is essential to surviving and thriving in a post-COVID world.

As Gates says, things may never be the same – certainly not in the near-term and very likely many of the changes we are experiencing will be permanent.

How you respond right now may mean the difference between simply scraping by (if you’re lucky) and truly revolutionizing your business for the future.

So what are you waiting for? It’s time for a change. Let’s get to it.

Staying Relevant as a Brand in Spite (or because) of COVID-19

Branding and marketing might be the last things on our minds right now as we try to stay afloat and healthy amidst the pandemic. But here we are, and though we take the COVID-19 outbreak and all of its repercussions very seriously, we can’t ignore the need for all of us to be able to put food on the table and a roof over our heads.

Some of us are out of jobs, either laid off, furloughed or in a completely unknown situation. Some of us are living hand to mouth and worried about how to pay the rent or mortgage. Some of us are doing our best to stay sane while we have to become parents, homeschool teachers, innovators and bread winners all in one brand new role. We feel for you. We’re in the same boat, even though it feels like our boats are separated by miles of empty ocean.

It’s unprecedented. It’s terrifying and traumatic. Let’s be honest, it’s kind of a sh** show. So why would we be talking about marketing in times like these? Well, first it’s because we live in the hope that times like these will be over soon. And second, a brand needs to stay relevant in whatever the world may throw at it, be that pandemic, hurricane, flood, famine or sharknado. The world is changing fast, the climate is going to continue to throw curveballs at us and the country’s political situation, well, let’s just say it’s rarely going to be rainbows and roses.

But you, your business and your brand, must continue to stay relevant through it all. You have to pay the bills, make a living, support employees and clients alike. No one ever said your job would be easy.

So, what can you do to stay relevant during quarantine?

Continue to build your brand and business

We’re betting you have some backend work to do (we know we do!). Maybe some blogs you need to write, or touch up that website, create a new SWOT analysis, run some numbers, do your taxes, and so on and so forth, ad infinitum. There is always work to be

done on your brand and business. Think of this as the perfect time to tackle some of those tasks on the to-do list.

Offer a deal

It’s one of the oldest marketing tactics in the books for a reason. Everyone loves a deal. Think of how you can create a compelling (and ethical) deal that gives your customers what they want but doesn’t take unfair advantage of the situation.


Find out what your customers need right now. Offer actual, actionable advice and top it with some inspiration. Offer free resources. Get people excited or distracted. Remember to good old 80/20 rule right now. Give more than you sell. Now is a great time for surveys and market research as well. Just keep communicating with your tribe. Remember that they are experiencing the same things as you and we all need a dose of hope and normality these days.

We’ve never seen a situation like this before. But what if, instead of breaking our business and casting us in darkness, we used this time to grow and evolve as a people? There’s plenty of time for introspection as a human and as a business. Maybe you can think of a way to combat climate change in your own way. Maybe you will find a new way for your brand to better humanity.

It’s always darkest before the dawn. We see the dawn coming. Stay strong and don’t forget about your business in the midst of all this chaos and confusion.

We’re rooting for you. Let us know how we can help!

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