The Case for eBooks: Here’s How It Amps Up Your Strategy: Generate leads and grow your email subscriber list

Content marketing comes in many different forms and is always a great way to reach out to possible customers and generate leads. When we think about valuable content for brands, we usually think about blog posts, videos, and personalized pictures. But, should we also be thinking about eBooks?

A downloadable eBook allows your audience to feel like they’ve actually been given an object of value. You can use eBooks as a way for your users to exchange their contact information for your information, thus generating multiple leads. eBooks show slightly more authority than a blog post does, and eBooks give you the opportunity to go into much more depth on your chosen topic.

eBooks should play an integral role in your content marketing strategy for many reasons. Here are a few ways using eBooks can ramp up your strategy:

Strengthening Your Brand 

Especially on social media, brand trust and authority means a lot in your content strategy. It’s important to show people interested in your products or services that you’re a trustworthy and authentic brand. One of the best ways to prove this is by writing an eBook on a subject your prospects care about.

Every brand should be answering their customers’ questions and concerns, but not every brand is answering these in a creative and engaging way. Share an eBook that examines your customer’s wants, needs, and desires. By using compelling content and design, you can strengthen your brand tremendously.

Repurposing Content

Blog posts are great for covering simple topics or for getting your customers to think about particular subjects. When it comes to more complex subjects though, most people will want to read something that elaborates on it a bit more.

An eBook built around your marketing campaign will showcase your knowledge and create conversations about your brand. This means that you can repurpose your eBook into shorter blog posts, videos, and infographics for later.

Create Newsletter Lists

Sending e-newsletters to your audience allows you to communicate effectively, but expanding your list can be difficult. Potential customers are more likely to give up their contact information in exchange for something informative, like an eBook.

Once your eBook is created and on your website, allow people to sign up for your newsletters in exchange for your free eBook. Don’t forget to promote your eBook on social media platforms, as well. Most consumers trust their peer’s recommendations, so promoting your eBook on social media will be a fast way to build your newsletter list.

Using eBooks in your content marketing campaign allows potential customers to connect with your brand in a way that shows them they can trust and rely on your expertise, products, and services.

If you think your content marketing strategy could benefit from an eBooks, but aren’t sure where to start, think about hiring a content marketing company. The Found Gen has a knowledgeable team that can create a compelling eBooks for your brand. Give us a shout.