Giving Away the Farm: Why It’s OK to Say a Lot in Your Blog

Information establishes trust


“You’re giving it all away for free.”

You’ve probably heard at least someone—friend, colleague, or someone in your organization—say that after taking a look at your blog. They might think you’re giving away too much about your business. So what if you are? It’s not necessarily a bad thing.

The goal of a blog is to educate and entertain. That means you need to provide valuable information to your readers. Your ideal clients will want even more, and they’ll be likely to pay for the privilege.

People respond to great content that they want to read. Focusing solely on yourself and your company will get you nowhere. Instead, your blogs have to be helpful, useful, and informative. When thinking about blog topics, consider what questions, concerns, or challenges that your customers may have.

When you stick to providing useful information that is valuable to readers, you don’t have to worry about giving away too much on your blog. You’ll achieve these six things:

  1. You’ll gain credibility because readers will see that you know what you’re talking about
  2. Posts will be shared because people like to help others
  3. You’ll establish yourself as the go-to source for your product or service
  4. Readers get a glimpse into your business practices
  5. You get enhanced visibility across multiple channels
  6. Clients will realize you’re the best and right choice
  7. When you’re creating your content strategy, the best way to get the best results is to know your ideal client and what they want. You have to be clear about your goals, as well. This will create the ultimate connection between your blog and your reader.

If you struggle to come up with blog topics or how much information to include, think about what your potential customers might be Googling to find what you offer. This will help you discover what information to provide. Don’t worry about giving away too much. It will pay off.

If your blog is a struggle, get in touch with us. We can help you create a strategy that gets your business the visibility it deserves. Let’s talk.