Why Blogging Can Make Or Break Your Business

When the term “blogging” first came into our everyday jargon, it was hard to believe that the concept would become something substantial.

Now, while most of us have accepted that blogging is here to stay (at least for a little while longer), it seems almost impossible for businesses to accept that the simple act of blogging may be the factor that generates the most traction for their business.

The reason behind the reluctancy isn’t rocket science. To most businesses, blogging seems more like a waste of time than a money-generator. It takes the focus of your business away from your business. Right? Well, sure. If you spend more time blogging than researching in the lab, or prepping for court, or reviewing patient histories–that might not be the best alley for your business.

But then, why are you spending more than 20 minutes to an hour doing that? Or better yet, why haven’t you hired out?


Just to throw in the three letters that most people dread these days when it comes to their websites, social media and more–let’s talk about SEO. SEO, or Search Engine Optimization, is what most people will tell you that your website and blog posts need to adhere to in order for you to see results with blogging. Those people are…relatively right.

Sure, when you blog you want Google and Bing to register your post and list it first. That way, when people google “Realtor, South Florida,” your beautiful three-page website pops up first on the list. But see, with a sea as big as the real estate industry in South Florida–what’s a three page website chock-full of SEO keywords going to do for you?

Now, when you blog, each post gains a new page. Each new page expands your site. With each content-rich post (notice the key word there), you can exponentially increase your reach.

With over 434% more indexed pages on a site with a regular business blog versus a site of a business who neglects to blog, the 80% of consumers who find businesses via the internet will find you first. And to top that off, they will have a wealth of information that solidifies your role as a source of information and expertise in the field.


Many people and clients have come up to me asking why they should blog given the fact that there is already so much noise in the internet realm. What’s one more useless blog, right?


Yes, there is a great deal of useless chatter and by joining the fray you will be competing for consumer attention, but when did a little competition stop you before? Whether it is running your own business, providing your own service or selling your own product–all of which, I guarantee you, come with a competitor trying to offer the same service and usually at a lower price.

The deciding factor is content. You remember the age-old saying, “Content is King.” Clichéd, perhaps. But the phrase didn’t stick around this long because it was inaccurate.

Regularly creating and delivering content-rich posts will not only set your business apart from competitors and raise you a foot above the slough, it will generate more leads and drive more follow-through business to your company.


  1. 14 December, 2013

    Oscar Suris Upvote (0)

    I have been blogging articles about life insurance for about 3 years and it does work, when done correctly. Traffic in my site has been up and down, but for the most part the folks that visit the site in response to the posts are legitimate consumers interested in the subject of life insurance. The challenge is to generate steady -hopefully increasing- traffic that converts into prospects and then into actual closed business. It is an art, though, and that ‘s where the challenge lies!

  2. 12 February, 2014

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