WWRRN (What We’re Reading Right Now)

I don’t know about you, but we am absolutely craving interesting content that teaches us something. All of us here at The Found Gen are. Our in-office Slack Channel is a running list of “Have you read this?” and “Are you following her?” It’s pretty great.

You must be trying to find the good stuff, too. We thought we’d share what we’re reading right now, and hope you share your picks right back at us.

Instagram Stories are a perfect diversion from our super political, highly charged Twitter feed. They’re the perfect length in between clients and to reignite our inspiration levels. Here are a few we enjoy.

One of our writers is obsessed with Busy Philipps’ stream of consciousness feed. She takes us with her to a sweaty LA exercise class, gives us music recs, and cries every time she’s at a restaurant. Her success – over a million followers, a book deal, and her very own late-night talk show coming soon – shows us that a lot of people gravitate to authenticity and a particular way of speaking. We take that trend to heart when we write for you.

Our operations manager could watch farm-based stories all day, from @modfarm to @fivemarysfarms. For her, it’s the never-ending workload, strong work ethic, and dedication to growing things even when the growing gets tough. It’s the same with content creation and brand-building, minus the hay.

Another writer aspires to be healthier. You know the deal: matcha, seed cycling, digital detoxing, yoga pants all day. Don’t tell her we told you about the Diet Coke on her desk, the Twizzlers in her top drawer, and the fact that we just heard her cancel her spin class reservation. She can be found watching @leefromamerica and @honestlyfit, reminding us to always include the aspirational element in our work. In order to want to buy from you, your customers should also kind of want to be you.

And then there’s @drawbertson, a creative director at Estee Lauder, bright artist and brilliant Instagrammer. He has five kids and he is as real and as fabulous as they come. One of his most addictive hashtags is kid-related – #buythemnothing – and shows how his five-year old twins find creative ways to navigate the world minus the plastic toys and screen time. Simplify, his stream seems to scream in bold colors. Simplify.

There you have it. Content that makes us better. We’d like to do the same for yours. Give us a call.