Your Content Strategy Needs to Involve LinkedIn. Here’s Why.

LinkedIn is one of the best places to network

Creating valuable content is the first step in any content marketing strategy. Your next step should be focused on sharing that content with the right audience. The key to reaching your target audience is first knowing who your audience is and where to find them, and then widening your network.

LinkedIn is one of the best platforms for finding and sharing professionally relevant content, networking, and generating new leads. This is especially true if you’re offering a B2B product or service. Being active on LinkedIn lets you target the audience of your choice and reach them extremely quickly.

So, how do you incorporate LinkedIn into your content strategy?

Set up a business page/profile 

If you haven’t already created your business page on LinkedIn, do it now. Your business page is where you include details about the nature of your business. Your profile should include your company’s logo, a compelling summary, and relevant keywords to make your page rank higher in search engines.

Let goals drive your content marketing 

If you want to effectively reach your audience on LinkedIn, you need to make sure your content marketing strategy is goal driven. With each post you share, your aim should be to:

  • Provide original information. Instead of always pushing a sell, try sharing your unique knowledge of the industry. Don’t be afraid to share any ideas that you think might help.
  • Keep your content interesting and approachable. Stay away from boring or overused content. Focus on unique problems or issues that people will enjoy reading.
  • Be engaging. Posting is important, but engaging with other LinkedIn users will let you make connections that can lead to customers. Participate in relevant groups and forums on LinkedIn. It’s important that your peers notice your content, as well as your customers. Also, take the time to read and discuss other company’s content.

Stay professional and consistent

Don’t use LinkedIn as an outlet for your personal thoughts or messages—save that for your personal Facebook page. Because LinkedIn is a professional networking site, make sure you consistently share business-related advice, company updates, or industry news or trends.

Keep it short

Everyone is busy, so keep your posts short and to the point. Remember, LinkedIn is a professional network, and people don’t want to spend a huge chunk of their time reading a long, boring post. Use bulleted lists to break up information and save readers time, and make sure to use strong headlines and subheadings.

By utilizing LinkedIn’s professional network, you can find the right audience for your content and be seen as an authoritative voice in the industry. Need help with your content marketing strategy? Let’s talk.