One Step Forward, Two Steps Back: Bad Grammar and Your Business

It’s the new year.  2014 might have brought a bumper crop for your business, or it might have been a year of slow growth. Regardless, here you are staring down the face of 2015 with a resolution to better market your business.

Last year saw a massive rise in content marketing. Businesses have been turning over a new leaf in their marketing strategies to find ways to directly connect with their consumers. And Content Marketing is the best way to personalize the face of your business while also keeping your finger directly on the pulse of your industry.

Today, you can more effectively engage, connect and inspire potential clients than ever before. And to make matters even better, content marketing tools enable you to reach potential customers in ways they actually appreciate.

Awesome? Yes! Easy? No!

The Gift & Curse of Content Marketing

Look, content marketing is fantastic. When done right, people want to read your blog. People will follow you on twitter without incentive simply because they find your feed interesting and useful. People will appreciate the advice they receive in your monthly eNewsletter. The tables, however, will turn in an instant if you aren’t careful. The gift and the curse of content marketing tools like social media is that it takes the same amount of time to follow someone as it does to unfollow them; seconds – at best.

Content marketing allows you to foster a personal and helpful community with your customers and potential customers in a way previously unknown, but it’s not an excuse to sacrifice professionalism. We all want to be down-to-earth, hip and “with-it” but sometimes businesses have a knack for taking it a bit too far. It’s a tricky balance, but it is one you must strike.

One Grammar Mishap Can Bring Down The Party

Countless blog posts across the content-marketing universe will give you multiple-point reasons why bad grammar is ruining your marketing efforts, but what it boils down to is this: professionalism. Despite the fact that Webster’s is allowing fun new words like “defriending” to line the same sheets as “antidisestablishmentarianism,” some grammar faux pas should just be left out of your business’s content marketing campaigns entirely.

Busy minds can lead to cluttered tweets and typo-riddled emails. It’s important that your business be protected from small mishaps that can turn off readers. Your brand needs to be dressed up properly–in the right copy. Think James Bond–a killer tux and great smile.

Your options are clear. You can plan well, painstakingly create and proof your work in order to execute an effective content marketing campaign on your own. Or you can enlist the help of marketing nerds like us.  We’re grammar freaks and we’re not embarrassed to say it.

If you’re doing it on your own, we wish you well and still want to help where we can.  Check back here every Friday for some simple grammar tips. But if you’re looking for a 007 content team to take over, well, you know where to find us.