The Art of Brand Loyalty: Three Ways to Build a Brand Customers Love

It’s been said that respect is earned, honesty is appreciated, trust is gained, and loyalty is returned. We think about that concept a lot here at The Found Gen.

In fact, we spend much of our time considering how the content we create will transform our clients from just another brand…to the only brand their customers choose to choose.

Here are a three ways we make this happen:

  1. We realize that the content we write is a lot like a conversation. Not like the conversation you have at awful cocktail parties where the marketing expert with canape breath has cornered you for a never-ending conversation about MailChimp. Not like that at all. Our team isn’t into one-sided diatribes; we prefer a natural exchange we all enjoy.
  2. We understand the values our clients share with their customers. A lot of brands make the mistake of only caring about moving their products. They would generate more loyalty – and sales – if they cared about moving people. At The Found Gen, we’ve proven time and time again that brand loyalty is impossible to create without a constant focus on shared values. Customers want to connect to ideologies, and strive to find and feel that commonality between them and their favorite brands. Knowing this, we encourage our clients to get personal and share their stories. There’s an entire loyal customer base just waiting to hear them.
  3. We answer the questions. At The Found Gen, we believe in information. It’s why we craft effective blog posts, social media streams, and any other means to get our clients’ information into the hands of their customers. Some clients think they don’t need blog posts, and maybe they’ll skip their tweets this month, thanks very much. We strongly advise against this, though, because those posts are there when the business is closed for the day. Those posts invoke trust in the absence of referrals, they relieve buyers’ remorse in the middle of the night, and they respond better than any pleasant voicemail message.

Above all other tips we can offer is our encouragement for a brand’s fervent attention to customer service. We write effective content, but content alone can’t create a loyal base.

Statistics show that building loyalty and retaining current customers is almost ten times cheaper than acquiring new customers. So never take existing customers for granted, value them, and reward them with content that will improve your relationship no matter what other brands pop up to compete.

If you’d like to learn more about how we help our clients become brands their customers choose to choose, give us a call. If we’re not in the office, we’ve got a lot of lovely content to keep you busy until we get back.