To Blog or Not To Blog…Is it Really a Question?

Taking a cue from one of my favorite literary characters–I have to ask, will you exist or won’t you? In today’s professional world, the whole idea behind blogging has taken a decidedly different direction than I’m sure we all thought it would when the term first came about in the early “naughts.”

Blogging was basically an online diary for young people who wanted the world to know how important their latest meal was (which is now why we have Instagram). But in the years since, blogging has become a professional endeavor to share content, stories, ideas and perspectives from all around the world. Blogging sets us apart from the entire idea of “other.” But aside from that, there are a few key reasons why it is imperative that you do blog–especially as a business–in today’s ever-growing online marketplace.

Google Eats Blogs For Breakfast

No, but really. Google has created a slew of nifty algorithms that troll the world wide web for original content. Rewarding websites who constantly add new content with higher rankings, Google is the first to admit that it’s time for a change in the way the internet provides information to its consumers. Focusing on long-tail searches, Google is constantly on the hunt for blogs that provide informative, useful answers to the questions that audiences are asking. How-Tos, Tips and Tricks and good ol’ fashioned op-eds that have merit behind them get bigger brownie points.

Google also likes heavier sites–full of new, original content. Each page of content you have on your website, thickens it up and makes it more attractive/edible for Google’s cookie monsters. And with each blog published counting as a new page to your website, blogs are the easiest, fastest and best ways to get those higher search rankings that you are looking for.

If People Like What They Read, They Come Back

Despite what you may think, today we’re all content-mongers. We can’t get enough original content in our lives. From scrolling through Facebook to devouring seasons of television on Netflix at a time, we are constantly in search of that next great thing to consume. By providing though-provoking insights and key pieces of information through your blog, you’ll be establishing yourself as a content-producer.

Generating leads, sales or traffic usually boils down to what you are putting out there. The more you put out, the more opportunity there is to bring someone in. So, why would you just sit on a stagnant site? Would you go assume you’d bring home a marlin by sitting in your car at the docks? Same thing goes for online marketing. Get out there. Odds are better.

It Proves Your Business is Still Around

If nothing else, having an active blog proves that your business is still, well, in business. A static site does nothing for anyone these days. If someone checks out your website and there is absolutely no hint that there are living, breathing people behind the facade–then they’ll probably just hop off and head to the next guy. Check your bounce rate stats this week–if it’s high, you know you need to change something.

Blogs will keep people on your site for longer. Reading, shopping, experiencing and engaging. So what are you waiting for? Go ahead, exist. You may enjoy it.