Marketing to Baby Boomers

Digital marketing trends tend to build around strategies and platforms that use the latest technological advances. But what if you suspect that your target audience isn’t the most tech-savvy? Would an email campaign or a Facebook push be more effective? Is your blog connecting with your core customers?

For businesses whose primary consumer base substantially comprises the Baby Boomer generation, it’s time to reconsider the notion that digital marketing isn’t a worthwhile investment. (Perhaps basing assumptions about an entire swath of the population off your aunt’s failure to grasp social media is unfair…)

The projected 74.9 million Boomers (the segment of the population ages 51 to 69 who are defined as a generation by the boom in births following World War II), combined with the rest of the population over age 50, control trillions of dollars in buying power. So almost any business would be foolish not to include them in its marketing strategy.

Here are a few guidelines for how to best approach marketing to Boomers.

  1. Forget Millennial-centric smartphone apps like Instagram. While research shows that the majority of Boomers regularly use the Internet and shop online, they are much less likely to access the web from their phone and or use smartphone apps.
  2. But don’t discount social media entirely. You might remember when the news broke big a few years ago about Baby Boomers joining Facebook in large numbers (and supposedly scaring off many younger users in the process…). If you have a solid Facebook presence, use it to encourage interaction with these users; it’s a great opportunity to make your business relatable, which plays well with this market.
  3. Make email campaigns work for the Boomer consumer. In general, Boomers don’t respond well to pushy, aggressive sales tactics and like to be informed before making a purchase. Use your email communications to alert them to the benefits of your product or service, providing clear, organized content along with notifications about sales or specials.
  4. Take extra measures to ensure your website is well-labeled as a safe and secure e-commerce environment, with contact methods clearly accessible and reliable. Boomers are careful when it comes to making online purchases and often need to ask questions or speak with a live person in order to follow through with a sale.
  5. Finally, remember that a wide range of tech-savviness exists within the group. Do a little investigating about your current and target consumers and use digital marketing tactics designed to speak to that specific segment.