Cultivating Curiosity: There’s More to You Than Brand-Centric Content

Do you ever find yourself bored with your own content? Wishing you could chat about anything other than that stuff you sell or that thing you do?


At The Found Gen, we believe in genius content. We believe in exciting your customer base with your wide variety of interests, fascinations, and current obsessions. Here’s how we do it.


  1. Don’t limit yourself.

So if you sell running shoes and only running shoes, you don’t have to only talk about running shoes to your customers. You could share stories about the guy with Parkinson’s Disease who walked across the country to raise money for research. (You can follow him here if you’re interested.) You can share fitness tips, style posts, and anything else that piques your interest. The general rule is that if it’s important and interesting to you, a person who sells running shoes and only running shoes, then it’s probably important and interesting to your customers following you.

  1. Flip the script.

Instead of constantly feeding them information, ask questions to your client base, completely and seemingly unrelated to your wares and services. The randomness will surprise them, and hopefully leave them with a favorable response to you and your brand. Just imagine the conversations you can start with your customers. Now imagine all the things you can learn about your base. Minds, blown.

We like these questions:

What’s the one New Year’s Resolution you make every year? Do you ever keep it past February?

Have you ever unplugged from the Internet for more than a day? Willingly? How did you spend that time?

If you could go back to school and earn a different degree, what would you choose this time around?

Your superhero name is your birthday month and the last thing you bought. Go.

  1. Promote a lifestyle, not just a product.

The brands that do it best are the ones selling more of a vibe than the actual product. Show how your brand lives in the actual world – not just on a shelf or in a box. If you sell a service like interior design, show before-and-after shots, as well as how your clients are living differently in their new spaces.

It’s more big-picture, all encompassing. You’ve got to be honest, tell a great story, and be human. Trust us: it works.

At The Found Gen, we create content all day, every day. This means our interests and inspiration grow all day, every day. Come visit our space. We can’t wait to inspire you, too.