Email Newsletter vs. Email Blasts

“Newsletters are boring. My mom is the only one who reads them.”

Well, you have a point. Kind of. See, old-school newsletters with line after line of squeezed-together text telling you everything and anything that seems important but truly isn’t, in the same exact font and with the same exact artwork as last month’s…well, you have a point. Kind of.

Here at The Found Gen, we’re not interested in making your mom’s newsletter. (Unless she’s super current and wants to be inspired at a rapid-fire clip. That’s our kind of mom.)

Here’s what an email newsletter should do:

  • Our newsletters grab you by your shoulders and shake you a little bit and persuade you to try a new thing we’ve just made – just a taste, you’re going to love it!
  • Our ultimate goal is to have people see our clients’ newsletters in their inbox and clap their hands. Too much? Okay, then. A smile and an immediate open will do.
  • Send your reader somewhere else. No, literally send them somewhere else. A link to an article you’re sure your audience will find useful, an exciting event you’re hosting, an update on your latest (and greatest) project to date, or straight to your booking site.
  • Prompt your customers to action. We want them to think, “I’ve got to do this,” and “I want in on this,” and “Sign me up.”

“But what about an email blast?” you may be thinking. “Should I send one of those instead? They sound quite exciting”

If an email newsletter is a four-course meal that’s satisfying in every flavor, an email blast is simply an amuse bouche. By definition, this petite delicacy is served to both prepare the guest for the meal and to offer a glimpse into the chef’s approach. It’s a mouth amuser. And so, an email blast is exactly that: an amuser, a morsel, and just enough to give your customers a taste of what’s possible.

Here’s the trick: An email blast’s job is the same as a newsletter’s intent. It should inspire, entertain, send your reader somewhere else, and prompt your customers to action. Just a little faster and a lot shorter in format. Hence, the blast part of its name.

At The Found Gen, we know when to send a newsletter and when to send a blast. More importantly, we know what to include in both to elicit the response you want: business, business, and more business.

Call us to schedule a consultation. You can bring your mom, if you’d like. She’d love us.