Five Stars: How to Generate Great Reviews and Testimonials

If you’re a hotelier trying to stand out among all the hotel options for your favorite travelers, you’re probably pretty exhausted. It’s difficult, isn’t it?

No matter how hard you work, let’s be honest: One less-than-stellar Yelp review can really pack a punch. Ouch.

Is there an easier way to achieve five-star status? Maybe. Here are some of our favorite ways to boost your brand with data, hotelier or not:

  • Get to know your guests before they arrive. Did you know that one of the prime reasons guests return to your property is because of recognition? It’s true. Why not use your data to target your top hundred guests, compiling a useful dossier on their birthdays, career developments, and even anniversaries?
  • Data does more than provide you with dates and alerts; it also tracks your guests’ behavior and actions while on property. Is the spa underused? Then give guests with a multi-night stay a complimentary spa treatment. Reward frequent bookers with a free night’s stay as your personalized thanks.
  • Assess customer ratings and recommendations, and act on the results. Where are your guests spending their money? What can they afford? What perks make a room worth the rate? Any feedback is valuable…and actionable. Capitalize on those findings and pre-emptively create effective marketing campaigns to engage customers on an individual basis.
  • Pay attention to your social media mentions. Guests rely on each other to give honest feedback about your property and customer service, so their opinions matter. Their profiles can also provide an even deeper demographic analysis for your marketing team to use to target them and like-minded prospective guests.

Remember: Data is good, but don’t give it too much power. The true measure of a hotel’s future success is the relationship between you and your guests. Combine both to give yourself a competitive advantage over others.

And while you’re at it, enlist the branding and marketing services of The Found Gen to catapult you to the next level. Yes, we can really pack a punch. But this time, it won’t hurt.