Location, Location, Location: Using Content to Position Your Hotel as the Perfect Home Base

Your hotel probably has all the amenities to that offer visitors a comfortable home-away-from-home stay. But, Location is actually your hotel’s best asset, and you need to show it off.

Through their web and email content, hotels need to describe the amenities and services they provide, but the content should also push the location of the hotel. If you’re trying to lure in vacationers, they’ll be extremely interested in what’s close by.

Here’s why you should focus your content on what’s outside of your walls:

You’re selling the local area

Hotels are selling much more than a place to sleep. You’re selling an experience, which includes a getaway to your great location and area. The first thing most travelers want to know is where they’ll be staying in relation to the rest of the destination. Is your hotel in an arts district or downtown area? It’s important to highlight the unique places that are next to your hotel.

Local activities and events

Tout the local attractions and activities they can enjoy in their spare time. Location is a key decision factor. If the attractions vacationers are most interested in are close to your hotel, they’ll be 10 times more likely to stay with you. Highlight the restaurants, bars or other activities that are within walking distance. Help your guests get to their destination easily by providing them with information about the nearest bus, train, and other transportation options.

Localizing keywords

A current, searchable web presence is one of the most important things a hotel can have. To retain highly searched keywords, you need to make sure you have localized keywords for your search engine optimization. Most people book vacations while on the go now, so making sure your searchable keywords are up-to-date and local should be a top priority so that people can find you.

Your content marketing strategy should highlight the location of your hotel as much as the basic amenities and services. This will help you sell them on the complete weekend getaway instead of just where they’ll be spending the night.