Mind Games: How to Force People to Click on Your Content

So you’ve spent hours perfecting what you consider the best blog post you’ve ever written. How do you get people to read it — and, better yet, to share it?

That may seem like a million-dollar question, but the short answer is to play a few mind games, in the most ethical way possible, of course. Psychology tells us so much about people — what attracts their attention and what makes them act.

Content producers can use the endless psychological research out there to force people to click on their content. Here’s how.

People are vain

People like to look good in front of their peers and are usually pretty competitive about it. People share what they consider to be interesting, because they feel that it makes them look good.

One study found that 61% of people prefer to share interesting content, rather than important, educational, or funny content. When we share interesting content, it shows how interesting we are.

Content creators can use this to their advantage by providing information full of interesting factoids — which people also love — like stats and other numbers that they can use to impress their friends.

People want others to know what they stand for. 

Whether it’s self-serving or not, people generally want to support good people and causes that they believe in. In fact, 84% report sharing content because it’s a great way for them to show support for issues close to their hearts.

Sharing content about a cause feels like a type of “giving back,” and it tells people who we are and what matters to us. It also just makes us feel good.

Businesses that have causes that they care about should create content that ties the cause to their value proposition. Or, find out what customers care about and let that drive content.

People like to be helpful.

The old saying, “it’s better to give than receive,” is actually true. People love to help others, and that includes sharing information that they feel will be helpful.

When producing content, think about what information could be most helpful to people. This could be an uplifting quote, how-to guide, or news item. Always write things that you are eager to get out to people, simply because it can make a difference for them.

Essentially, people want to look and feel awesome, while also helping others. So, incorporating these psychological triggers in your content will compel them to click on it.