The Power of a Hotel’s Insider Secrets: Get Your Guests in the Know and They’ll Never Leave

Good books don’t give up all their secrets at once. Stephen King said that, and we agree. In fact, we say the exact same thing about the clients and brands we help build – especially our hoteliers.

It’s no secret that hotel guests value complimentary meals and drinks over most of the other usual perks. It’s hard to find a guest today who doesn’t know your hotel’s well-advertised free breakfast, not to mention your happy hour fare.

But have you considered offering something more unique? More guest-specific? More insider-esque?

See, there is power in spilling your more special secrets seemingly one guest at a time. Giving out off-the-menu perks, special rates, and even tiny freebies cultivates a generous, highly personalized, and attentive atmosphere. Guests on the receiving end of your front desk’s random acts of kindness will feel it, and you’ll feel their loyalty grow in direct response. Same goes for hyper-targeted email and social media campaigns.

There are a few simple ways to achieve this boutique, almost small-town vibe that’s trending among frequent travelers. Here are some of our favorites:

  • Work your analytics to discover more than the basics about your guests. Check out their social media to learn their likes and dislikes, from hobbies to fitness profiles and family life. You never know the trends you can foresee by simply studying your client base more closely.
  • While we’re talking about social media, make sure to build real relationships with them through engaged conversations. Think real-time responses and real-time service. It also doesn’t hurt to have some Instagram-able scenes scattered throughout your property so brand ambassadors can spread the word. It works.
  • Forget about the usual perks: room upgrades, discounted drinks, and happy hour freebies. Those are expected at this point, and don’t help you stand out. Instead, consider partnering with an area restaurant that really matches your guests’ aesthetic, from steak houses that can handle large groups, to fun spots for families, and healthy options for those travelers who don’t want to gain the dreaded travel ten!
  • In-room perks are the new black. Women tend to love the spa treatments, and male guests are typically drawn to the minibar. Consider offering free, personalized room service on your traditionally low-occupancy days.

One final tip: Loosen up your hotel’s loyalty program, which tend to keep guests at one hotel brand where they’re most invested.

If you’re a hotelier interested in fresh branding concepts to set you apart from the rest of hotel row, give us a call. We’ve always got a suite deal for you at The Found Gen.