Things to Avoid When Growing Your Email Subscriber List: Let it grow organically

Email marketing lets you directly engage with potential customers. You just need subscribers.

Growing your subscriber base isn’t always easy, but there’s a right way and a wrong way to build the list. Here are a few things to avoid when growing your email subscriber list, and what you should do instead:

Paying for Subscribers

It takes time to build a solid email list. The possibility of purchasing a few thousand subscribers can be tempting. We get it. But don’t go that route. No matter how cheap the list is, purchased lists actually don’t perform well.

That’s because these people didn’t actively seek your information, and the lists are not segmented. Growing a list organically—no matter how long it takes—ensures that your subscribers actually want your information. And, this increases the chances that they will engage with the information you send.

Sending Emails to Nonsubscribers

This is a tricky one, but it’s always best to have some type of opt-in for people wanting to subscribe to your emails. (And, on the other side, offer an opt-out for people who no longer want your emails.) Many people think it’s not OK to add someone to an email newsletter without them actually opting in.

When people opt in, you know they are truly interested in your information, and there’s a bigger chance they will engage with your content and eventually become a customer. You can include opt-in buttons at the end of every blog post and on social media.

Not Promoting Your Email Newsletters

Growing your subscriber list depends on you promoting the existence of your email newsletters and other emailed content. Some people will find the information on their own by visiting the site, but the more you promote, the more subscribers you’ll get. Create social media posts about your eblasts and encourage people to sign up.

If people are already following you on social media, they are expressing interest in your business or brand. They are also likely to sign up for your emails once you let them know how.

Building an email subscriber list is one of the best ways to generate leads, especially when you’re supplying content that people want and find useful. The Found Gen will not only help you create this content, but we also help you develop an email marketing strategy and grow your email subscriber list. Contact us today.