Build a Following: How Content Leads to Loyal Customers

It’s more cost effective to hold on to existing customers

It’s easy to get caught up in the thrill of making new sales and adding new customers, but in the long run, long-lasting relationships are much more beneficial.

Hanging on to repeat customers is actually less costly for your business that constantly trying to acquire new ones. Believe it or not, loyal customers will end up bringing in those new customers for you. Word of mouth and good online reviews from customers that love your brand go a long way when it comes growing your business.

Valuable and intelligent content can really help drive this effort. But, how does it work?

Exclusive updates

Good content starts with making your customers feel like they’re getting something secretive and exclusive. Let your returning customers be the first ones to know about a product or service they loved that’s back on offer or a brand-new product or service you’re launching. Adding personal touches to these messages and emails is also a great way to make your customers really feel appreciated.

Build a strong sense of community around your brand

 Brands that create a sense of community are able to create long-lasting relationships with customers. This is a lot easier to pull off nowadays with Facebook and other social media platforms that can provide real-time data. Great content allows your customers to feel involved in your business and brand.

Personalize your customers’ messages by geo-targeting info 

Content that lacks personalization can be pointless. Customers don’t want to receive information that’s not specifically tailored to them. When you send customers irrelevant information, it can seem careless. Show your customers that you’re paying attention to where they’re located and what each time you send out content.

Pay attention to their purchases

By sending customers content that’s based on their recent purchases, you show them that you’re aware of the information they need. This kind of content comes across as more informational and less promotional. By helping customers use your products and services after they’ve already made the purchase, you can build loyalty and show off your expertise.

We know the importance of sharing valuable and intelligent content. If you need help creating content that builds a following around your brand, give us a call.