What to Expect When You Work With a Content Agency

Letting someone else create the content for your company that you’ve worked so hard to establish can leave business owners a little uneasy. But, writing content that has a true impact on your target audience is a job for someone who has the time and knowledge to create a great content strategy.

Words are actionable and emotional, and can help you develop and maintain a relationship with your customer. As a content agency, we understand that writing content for each individual company is a process. We’re in the business of learning about your business and creating a personalized strategy that ensures you have high-quality content on your website, in your email communications and on social media that will help you generate qualified sales leads.

So, what can you expect when you decide to work with a content agency?

What makes content good?

Good content fuels your marketing and advertising campaigns and a narrative that strikes interest, desire, and action among your target audience. Good content should change the way customers and clients see and interact with your business. Content can elevate your company to a standard of power and leadership in your industry. People will see you as a pro in your industry.

Who writes this content?

There’s a mix of people who help our agency produce great content for clients. We handpick the editors and writers that we work with based on their expertise and the individual client’s needs.

What’s the process? 

Content production is just that…a process. And, we love when clients contribute to this process. You probably have great anecdotal stories about how customers use your product, and we would love to tell this tale for you! Anything that humanizes your company can really inspire us to take your content to greater heights.

As writers, we love your insight. We can’t properly tell your company’s story without your help. But, the point of using an agency is that you don’t have to write the content yourself. We can take your content where it needs to go.

How does the approval process work?

The best way to edit your new content marketing strategy is to put yourself in the position of a prospective lead. Make sure everything makes sense and that everything rings true. Instead of asking yourself, “Is that how I would have said it?,” ask yourself if a customer would appreciate this information.

The first content you receive will be a draft, and we welcome your feedback. We’ll make revisions before it goes live on your site or is distributed.

Summed up?

Working with a content agency is easy! You’re in the hands of experts, and you’re going to get the best content for your marketing strategy. So, our advice? Sit back and relax.