How to Target Baby Boomers with Your Content: So much focus is put on millennials, but baby boomers are still a viable audience

Millennials are all aboard the social media and content marketing train, so it makes sense that a lot of businesses target this demographic. But, what about baby boomers? 

Although baby boomers weren’t born in the middle of the digital era, they still use Google to seek out services and products. Plus, they usually have more money to spend than younger generations. It’s extremely smart to reach out to baby boomers through your content marketing—but, you can’t use the same methods for targeting millennials and Gen Xers.

Here are some tips for creating a content marketing strategy that will help you reach baby boomers:

  1. Use a clean, clear format

Formatting is a huge factor that needs to be considered. A lot of older baby boomers may have difficulty reading small fonts and finding what they need in a cluttered layout. It’s important to use modern fonts and clean layout with a lot of white space when you present your content so your audience can read and navigate through the content easily.

  1. Tailor your language and tone

Language has been, and always will be, relevant to get your message to the desired audience. So, what may be common terms for millennials could mean something totally different or make zero sense to a baby boomer. Make sure your language is skewed to the audience you’re writing to. The best way to do this is to spend time listening to your audience. You’ll get a great sense of how they communicate, and you’ll be able to write the content specifically for them.

  1. Write concise, relevant headlines

Writing good, truthful headlines is essential for any kind of writing you do but it’s especially important when it comes to writing for baby boomers. For example, clickbait will not resonate with baby boomers. Instead, use a thought-provoking headline that offers clear value and accurately describes what information is being presented. By keeping your headlines straightforward and honest, you’re inviting your readers to learn something from the content.

  1. Promote, promote, promote

Once your content is created, it’s just as important that you promote it wisely. And, you can easily reach baby boomers on social media, just like younger generations. Facebook’s demographics are skewed toward the older demographic, while Snapchat is used more frequently by younger demographics. Make sure you promote your content on the platform where you know your audience is looking.

Tailoring your content to your specific target audience is always important. You need to have a well-thought-out content marketing strategy to catch your audience’s attention. Need some help with your content strategy? Let’s talk.