Which Types of Content Can Be Upcycled into a Lead-Generating eBook?

Content marketing isn’t all about social media and blogging. Great content can come in a variety of forms. eBooks, in fact, can be incredibly valuable for your clients. They allow you to showcase your authority on a subject in more depth than regular blog and are great for generating leads. So, eBooks should play a major role in your content marketing strategy.

The only downside to eBooks? They take a lot of work to create. But, what if you could repurpose your existing content and turn it into an eBook in less time? Well, you can.

Every content marketer is sitting on valuable content that’s already been produced and can be repurposed. Take that content, dust it off, and turn it into an impressive eBook. Here are some types of content that can easily be turned into an eBook:

Blog posts and articles

This one’s sort of obvious, but so many content marketers don’t take advantage of their old blog posts and articles. There’s a super high chance that you have a blog full of articles on similar topics. These can be packaged into a useful guide or eBook for your audience.

Surveys, research, and reports

Data can help you sell your business to potential new customers. Anything that contains data is a goldmine for an eBook. Whether it’s research on your products, customer surveys, or annual reports, you’ll want to share it with your audience.


Presentations go hand in hand with authority and expertise, and they’re meant to communicate a subject thoroughly to an audience. Don’t let valuable communication pieces like presentations go to waste. Presentations are usually super easy to turn into eBooks because they tend to follow an informative narrative and feature engaging data.

Niche content

Some subjects may be too broad for eBooks, but niche subjects (and existing content) are perfect for eBooks. Maybe you have reports, fact sheets, graphics or more—these items make great eBooks.

Promote your new eBook  

If you’re looking for a way to reuse your original article or blog post, use it to promote your eBook! Give the original piece new life by sharing it on social media again to let your audience know you’re working on new content for them.

There are always new opportunities to make the most of your content. Need help with your content? Let’s talk about how we can tell your story!